WebGL Beta is Live


Are you sure your internet was working fine ? it can take upto 2-3 mins but not more than that.


Yeah my internet speed is 18MB it took me literally 30 minutes, I had no other browsers/tabs opened or any programs.
The preparing part takes me 3mimutes, it loads slowly
The connecting part takes me 15minutes
The downloading heroes takes me 15minutes
Is this normal?


@jazzydaddy888 It didnt ask you to log-in with your ID account?


You think you can fly further than that? Try to keep flying and see if theres a limit, it might work? Just like Moon base


Might be some network issue yesterday amazon servers having issues, that maybe the reason.

can you please try again if it still take 30 mins do let me know.


Well ok, I’ll try but i’m really busy at the moment. Maybe tonight.

I remember I had to log with my ID account with Firefox. But with Chrome, I have been able to log out and play on a guest account.


With Chrome I went in as a guest.


Sorry if I’m taking this wrong, but is that a bear pun?


dats cuz u logged out or didnt login to Y8


No u


Yas U


Some tests with WebGL 1.0 on Chrome


I noticed them all, except for when you can get to the mountain one,
I thought that the purple square will wear off at some point but it didn’t


And here i thought i was the only one having that bug e.e


Then you’re wrong :slight_smile:




Shots fired


Spectral optics turning the opposition invisible is deliciously cruel



my opinion exactly lol


Ikr :wink: