WebGL Beta is Live


Hello FFT community,

Webgl Beta v1.0 is live on y8.com you can check it in chrome http://www.y8.com/games/freefall_tournament

For now it only support idnet players so in case anyone wants to request the transfer they can, also its still beta not final version so there are limited maps and many other issue and i’m not going to make this thread really long by adding all those stuff.

If you face some issues or find bugs feel free to post here, we’ll try to fix them as soon as possible.

One Request: its WebGL so please dont compare it with webplayer since they are different technologies.





@Ankit , Is it so laggy like before? And I noticed it has infinite bombs


130 ping + is considered green/good :o


In WebGL I never got a yello/green ping, its been always 500+


I was just with 13 ping in eu there, and the screen is still laggy


What do you mean?


nice but fix the room names like when i click TAB the room says FREEFALL


Improved by a bit. Also try closing some tabs on your browser excluding FFT to see if that improved the performance.

Infinite bombs we’re going to fix it soon. Thanks for reporting.

Oh nice catch. Thanks


@Genard Do something for beta too its going lagy again :wink:


Hello Guys there is little lag from unity side which we are hoping to be fixed in unity next update.

WebGL support for WebAssembly

This is going to be the key


I saw it already xD


HI Guys! Beta version have numerous lagg at this time but i had one benifit with it…
no fuzzy or blurred scrn there :smiley:

And this is Alpha version :expressionless: but it have less lagg :wink:

@Genard We have no need to buy new Graphic card now!!! :slight_smile: :wink:


Was choosing a hero and then a notice came out. Something like “Embedded code Y8” something. Can’t take a screenshot as im still in fullscreen. And then, it hangs.


you can use print screen button to take screenshot even if in full screen.


Will do.

Got this notice.

Am i the only one experiencing this Heat Ray purple bug? e.e

Also, sometimes the game cursor could go horribly out of screen.


i love the arrow as if it wasnt for the arrow we would have no idea what he is talking about when he says “purple thing”


Can you try double click in the game it should lock the cursor


I’m well prepared :wink:


YAY I CAN TAKE FULL SCREEN SHOTS! btw this way hacks might stop eh?