WebGL Beta is Live

  • When chatting, if you push Backspace, it goes back 2 characters.

  • First match, I couldn’t hear any sound. When shot, my HP and Shield bars wouldn’t change.

  • I played a couple matches, and it wasn’t so bad. In fact, there are more players playing on the WebGL version.

  • I can’t replicate anymore the bug where I could go very high and get back to spawn.


I didnt noticed this :open_mouth:


Yep, there is a bug with chat. If u try to delete 1 letter, gonna delete more.
Also, sound is messed up, but prob they gonna fix it. ‘Punching sound’ comes when u recive hits or deal dmg, not sure right now,


Here it is.


The same thing happened to me yesterday.


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If you put the game in fullscreen then take it off it looks like this. http://imgur.com/a/hcIjj
And I played for a bit, reached PFC and logged off. Came back and my rank and money had been reset.
Edit: Here’s another one. https://youtu.be/HPOn3wTuYD8 Preplay timer went 3, 2, 1, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6. Then nothing and couldn’t get out of base.
Edit: Came back and my Zs have gone down by about 150. As did XP.
Also, I noticed the walls in the blue base are gold and not blue. http://imgur.com/a/LsxG0


This bug is from webplayer, I had it few times in Moon Base. :confused:

U played as guest or with id.net acc?


How do you play Moon Base in webgl?

And yeah, how could I lose progress if I’m on a guest account?


They haven’t released all the map with webgl…sadly.


Andrea just said she had the same problem in Moon Base though.


U kinda skipped half comment


I didn’t skip, I just thought you meant WebGL.
I’ve also noticed that switching servers is really buggy, and sometimes it won’t allow you to switch.
Edit: I’ve also noticed with WebGL, that your health doesn’t go down when someone is shooting you, until after you’ve died. This is a problem cause a lot of the time I don’t even know anyone was shooting me and all of a sudden I die. Also, the gameplay and mechanics are jenky and laggy, hope it will get fixed.


Not sure if this is a bug as it is only Beta, but in the shuttle bay you can not swap teams, even if you quit and re-join map. We had 5 in one team and 1 in another all frozen in re-spawn area. Also no forfeit if you quit leaving 5 in the blue team, 0 in yellow.


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How do you play Shuttle Bay in WebGL? All I see are Training Arenas.


Strange it is down now. There was 1 shuttlebay map, still needed work on the graphics as a lot of black in there, but graphics did look better. The little ledge i use to sit on in the bay has gone and i could not sit on the air vents around the wall as well. But defiantly an improvement and so much better than the training arena maps.


Ok, went on today. Noticed a few bugs.

  1. My assists+kills for all the classes had gone back down to 0.
  2. The slider for player outlines doesn’t work.
  3. I tried to switch to Blazer from Gunner, and it just kept respawning me as Gunner.


Its weird, because everything you said happened to me more than once in the current veraion we are playing.
The kills and assists bug happened to me alot, i thought if i rejoin the match it would get back ti normal but it goes back to the way it was after a while.
Same thing goes for the slider bug, i can confirm that
As for the last point, It also happened to me many times, and sometimes it switchs to a hero but it doest really switch, the hero I use doesnt change it just keep respawning me like I switch heroes but I didnt it stays the same hero
@Ankit everything Beli said happened to me, alot in the current version we are playing, it seems like frg bever got these bug fixed, it doesnt really affect the gameplay or anything but it can be annoying sometimes
Also I would like report another bug, whenever I use ANY HERO, something weird happens, the “thing” im refering to is Shocker’s E skill and Tech’s E skill, when I play with different hero sometimes the tech and shocker’s skills apply while I use a different hero, it randomly applys the skills idk if anyone had this bug or not but it keeps happeneing to me


I also know so many bugs, and i know how to do them, like hammer’s bug, I can kill anyone while im in base, And I know how to do the speed bug( Ahmed knows it too), and i can make the tank’s q skill infinite and theres another bug it when you shoot with blaster and leave the match and quickly switch to tank, i forgot what it does but the bug wears off when you die.