Download Maxthon? lol


I played with arrhar quite a lot, his playing times were as weird as mine. He used to play a lot, which means playing with others beside us.

I haven’t seen a “pro game” in years, all I saw was 6-10 randoms and a couple of good guys. A full one is long lost, so you guys are probably being too harsh to him in that regard.


Yea I remembered “Kuramakyubi” or “DavidM”


I didn’t know that :open_mouth:

Khaled also has another account “Gol.D.Roger”.


I mean he was pretty good at playing. Whether he played against noobs or pros he was a decent player.




No no.


gol.d.roger is khaled’s account??


yes yes


i dont think so :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re having such annoying huge wave of hackers and Anas is like, Tournament my lads?




lol haha


Its more like Torment.


As the best gunner, scout, assassin, tank, blazer, blaster, tech, shocker, bomber, commando, basically the best player I say we dont need tournaments for now


I’m the best fixer :wink:


Why do you have to ruin everything for me


I’m the best basher


aye :ok_hand:


Fix FFF WebGL issues, than only we can believe.:joy:


Nice shot ankit :wink: