I honestly didn’t see many in past…Dunno, 5-6 months?


Idk who plays anymore, the game doesn’t work for me.


btw who the **** is serialkiller ?


Anyone remember Kuramakyubi? lol


yup :slight_smile: wheres arrhar ?


I didn’t play with arharr very much, maybe like 3 or 4 times since he was in a different time zone or just played at weird hours. The times I did play with him he seemed very good.


lol Kura loved Naruto and he was a trolling blaster spamming nub. Idk about Arh’s skills but he was a very blunt guy lmao. Like when he posed on the forum he was always very serious. Idk about current pros, seems like the game is filled with new random people. In-game FFT has no real community anymore in my opinion.



Ahmed588’s brother.
His main acc name is Khaled533.



Probs maybe the past year :joy:?



Yeah,he was kinda good…I’ve never seen him go all out ever.I’m not tryna boast but I can easily matchup with him probs even better.

I play,Indego,Sehal, Smought, Armyguyisback, 2Hawkeye and a couple of others.

Did you try downloading the FF version I told you?
Try Maxthon,I was using it ever since cris recommended it to me about a year back.

He’s dead,since like years back?

I’ve seen him playing commando and assassin more than he ever played blaster lol.a


He used those classes as well. But there was one point where he literally spam rockets non-stop 24/7 and it was annoying af. Idk about others but rocket spamming blasters make me rage in real life. A game shouldn’t make you mad but that’s one thing that will make me close FFT and go do something else.


@SoulFlare no, I haven’t. Didn’t really seem worth the time since Webplayer will get phased out very soon, and I don’t want to have to redo all my stuff on my browser.

@Rja12 Lol, kura was hilarious on the forums though. Even if he was a troll, at least he made the place more active.


Yep, that’s why I stopped playing, fighting newcomers got too boring.


Yup. Playing with groups of friends/pros was the main reason many people stuck around.


Yeah, that’s why the game had so much appeal to me in the first place. I could play it with my siblings and friends.


I found it very annoying. If someone non-stop camps me, than I switch to blaster and ask them at the end how it feels.
1-2 weeks ago 4 blasters vs normal team. Then 4 of us went Shocker and they complained lol. 24/7 blasters are really something that ruins the game. Same with Tanks.

Edit: never liked arrhar. Fact is how he played only against newbies and never went in pro match even when there was bunch of pros around.


That’s true actually. I rarely played with him. Some Marshall named partypoopers did the same thing. He would be on the scoreboards weekly and became a Marshall extremely fast, but no one actually played with him. One day I finally caught him playing with noobs in training Arena. When I would hunt him he would quit and join another training arena.


Yeaaa ik him hahah. He was in TA I think, US servers. He quit after that match and he was #1 ELO.
Arrhar asked me am I retarded because I came in one match and started killing things around, including him. So I found it really funny how he said I farmed, since he was the one doing it entire time (but w/e, I really don’t care about his gameplay)


Maybe he plays with noobs but he’s pretty good at what he does tbh


It’s easy to be good in matches like these, don’t u think so?