I haven’t seen him in 2 years, but i haven’t been active that much anyway.

Goku has been a gunner since I started playing, i don’t remember him as anything else tbh


have they even balanced anything yet?


He’s probably extremely rusty, I remembered playing with Goku the last few matches before I never saw him again and imo he lost his touch.


I saw him playing as a Blazer sometimes.


Ok so… Goku was a blaster spammer when he first started the game and I remember complaining a lot and telling him to try something new. Then he started playing gunner as he actually became really good. Like one of you guys said, his evasive skills were superb and it was impossible to sneak up on him. He wasn’t the best, but he was stil at the top


The old times… when I was still low rank before (Like maj-col), blaster was also one of my main class together with assassin and tank. I also see gunner as an inferior class though. I remembered my blaster getting pwned by rja’s sniping and accused him of hacking with aimbot when I was still a Lft XD. Later on, I just started to play gunner and train with it after I got impressed by CW’s sniping. Belvedere Hedon and CW are my first ppls to duel with, and I kept getting pwned by them.
Then I got better with sniping, promoted to G1, and meet Goku who is also a G1.
We became friends easily after some random 1 on 1s. Then rja came back on this game and I was scared at him, was thinking that he still remember and hated me after accusing him of hacking… Luckily he doesn’t remember me and I was hated by him cuz I spam sniping behind an object/wall (Glitch) like other ppls. Even Goku was wallsniping before.
Tbh… Like Goku, I was called noob/spammer several times when I’m using blaster/ before… cuz my aim were just kills and victory.


Lol. I don’t remember when you accused me of hacking lol. Haha, I will admit I did rage a lot when people abused that wall sniping glitch, it was rather annoying. Good times.


Please tell me how you can be at the top and not the best lol


He was one of the top snipers among a few others. But he wasn’t the best. I don’t understand how else you want me to word it.


When you get to the peak of any sport or competative activity, you often get a number of people that could win on any given day making it very difficult to pick an overall best competitor


I like Goku and he is my friend, don’t want someone to get wrong here lol. From what I’ve seen, he was average in Space Station. Yeh, he had some sneaky shots, but one shot and he couldn’t finish me as target. And that wasn’t even my ‘prime’ period. There are many good gunners who are not popular since they are not active on the forum.abu0 was really good in period like 2 months before he quit. Van and Beatex great capturing snipers. Herc was amazing player for a Col, in general.
Ahmed was really good as well (idk for past few months, didn’t see him much). Vince was one of better snipers in period when he was active.





I’ve never seen goku play Space Station, probably why he wasn’t good in there. Also sniping in SS is way different than sniping in Shuttle Bay. I for the life of me cannot snipe upside down idk it’s just impossible.


Sniping upside down takes practice.


I played with Goku in all maps, but like 50% of the matches he played were in SB.

Do you guys had ever played with Mar. Nico?
Based on my experience, he is skilled in sniping and he is one of the most flexible player in the game (I’ll give credit to that) as he can play several classes well for me, but his play style on his gunner is somehow annoying.
He slide abuses 24/7, and he usually prefers killing someone behind. One of his strategy is by travelling down the stupid tunnels on SS and kill you from behind with AR+Shatter. Another strategy of his is he shoots you with railgun (with confusing movements) while sliding towards you then finishes you with AR + Shatter bomb.
Since I lost my touch in this game after a long period of absence, I ended up getting pwned by his offense like 1/3 of the time. A contrary event before where our 1 on 1 (hunt each other) usually ended in a stalemate (Where I depend on Heavy Sniping and (defensive) while he depends on mixed AR+Shatter+rail (offensive)).

I tried this strategy once against another skilled gunner, ended up getting trashtalked.


He used to slide abuse back and forth at the bottom of the shuttle also.


I know the guy, he might have his shift key stuck.

Thepro5 was probably the most versatile player I’ve seen in the game, sadly not known. He left 2 years ago at this point, maybe a little more. He used to be a challange no matter what he played. I would have loved to see him with bomber, alack alas


I remember thepro5. I hated playing against that guy. His best class was Blaster I think and he is far and away the best Blaster I’ve ever faced. His movement was always top notch, with every class he played. Pretty cool dude too.


Yep lmao i absolutely dislike him.Playing with him for so long and every damn match same story.


These players who are overall amazing we discuss about are from the past,I know almost all of the ones you guys stated but,

Anyone you guys can mention playing as of now?