To me 1v1s show who the better sniper is in most cases. In a regular match people are always hunting you and distracting you so it’s hard to snipe properly. But in 1v1s there are no distractions, just skill. Although sometimes the crits can be luck, that’s just a small part of the battle.


That’s half true I think. As far as aim goes, a moving target is a moving target whether they’re shooting back or not. That being said, duels require good aiming and good footwork. When you’re not dueling it’s just aiming and barely any footwork.


And Mah


Uploading… Well here is a shot of my sniping , maybe u got A BIT of and idea about my skills . This is not all I’ve got , I can show u more in a duel :stuck_out_tongue:



That isn’t true, moving in a bait fashion leads to sure headshots and such. I’ve done it for years, usually close range stuff.
An other lil tip that I’v been doing for years and saved me many times was a proper E usage. I know, it’s not “footwork” but it’s something every gunner should master, mostly in an evasive manner (Offensive is the most obvious and easy thing). For instance, while running away using an E to get a high ground but actually holding shift midair and bait the opponent there. Using corners and movements to mislead them and make them think.
You got the idea, map knowledge and stuff, yada, yada, yada.

Dueling is fun, no doubt about it. There have been days I sort of craved it, because it’s satisfying. But, it doesn’t prove anything. I’ve seen snipers being absolutely trash at duels but being a game changing resource. How that is? Probably because of the decision making on the target choice, not hunting any specific impossible shot, going for sure important kills. I’ve seen many of these guys, crafting a differthing kind gunner. Maybe them being able to face better a gunner would make them more efficient than they were already, or maybe not. This can’t be proven, in any way.
With that being said I’ll just add a few details about duels. You could use the buggy game design to your advantage, by making unable the enemy to get a hs (It’s an actual thing, I think i showed nico few of them months ago). You could just get mid-range and no-scoping by keeping an unusual faster pace. You could slide abuse properly and never being easily hittable. You could corner peek and so on.
Some of these might sound completely scummy and unfair, some appropriate. But they all have been and are viable styles, all really effective. None of those actually require any great aiming abilities, just being able to throw the enemy off enough to let you hit more than he does.
I have personally used few of these (not often in the few duels I’ve done), that’s how I could dodge many snipers at once (if I do it now I’d probably fail miserably), even if few of them were considered really good ones. I still remember @Zeretly_Myzery being astonished by the way I could face him and goku at the same time years ago. That specific event didn’t make me a better sniper of both of them. I just learnt while dying the first few times, what they used to miss and what they didn’t and used that knowledge against them. That’s all it took. They probably even had a better aim overall than I had, which is hilarious.

Duel never proved me anything about an other gunner skills, beside some bad aiming practices (which I usually notice them and try to help 'em to sort those out lol).


Tru. As I said, it’s fun, even if I did won many duels, I don’t think it proved anything. Sniping invisible Assassins, running blasters, turbo Scouts and any other class is way more fun for me than sniping other Gunner.


:+1: And let’s not forget that there is much more to gunner than only sniping.

About Goku: He was indeed a great sniper (way better than me), but I was rather amazed by his evasion techniques. Imo, he was one of the hardest snipers to ambush. To me, escaping is an important skill.


Yeah, I guess. But I still don’t think it’s as important as it is in duel.


And mah


Goku was not a great sniper, I would love to play with him more if I ever catch him on, but the last time I saw him, he was bad, and the time before this time, if you know what I mean.
I have nothing against him, but literally every sniper I know keep mentioning him as a great sniper, but from what I saw ( Played with him for 4 times, literally) he was not great or good.


Goku was a phenomenal sniper. When he was in his prime he was probably the best sniper in the game. His movement was always exceptional. I think he’s probably the best at moving as far as snipers go. He took a break for awhile and came back and wasn’t the same.


Aye,I agree. Even months ago didn’t see him as trouble for me or my team. He isn’t bad,but i saw at least 20 ppl playing better.


Months ago is rather recent.


Well, people said he was great sniper so I’m definitely not gonna give him any chance to hit me and I’m not gonna underestimate him.
I guess thats what is the most players doing, they underestimate someone its maybe because they havent seen them on their prime, Ill wait for him and try to have a practice/duel/etc with him sometimes and see what he got.
It is really good how people underestimates you, but later on they figure out how good you are.
I’ve never seen someone talk about my sniping or even counted me as one of the good/top snipers in game
However now or later they will know what you can do and they will shut up


Not really. Even period in 2015/early 2016.


When you said months I thought you meant like 3-5 months ago. Didn’t know you meant like 18 months.


Didn’t even see him 3-5 months ago, even if he was around.


Oh. I still think goku is definitely a top 15 sniper though. Maybe top 10.


Goku was playing only blaster in the beginning (I think it was in 2013). Maybe he got tired of being called noob for playing it, I really I don’t know, but he suddenly started playing gunner. I saw him improving fast and he became one of the finest gunner at that time.

As someone said earlier (was it Andrea?), we all come with a definite set of skills and weaknesses. Goku’s skills were effective against me. That being said, that’s why the Class Awards were always full of surprises to me (and yeah, I know people were often talking about favoritism in this case).