Hello Everyone , As the name of the topic states " tournament " , this word sounds interesting doesn’t it ? Well , last time we had a sniping tournament (of course maybe an year or 2 have passed ) in which many people participated , (including me ) and it was kinda lively and fun . So why don’t you guys start another tournament. Well , you CAN repeat the sniping tournament but it would be better if a new tournament was going to be held . I’m looking forward for you guys to accept this small , humble request and start a new tournament once again .
Thanks :smile:


Honestly I think the timing is bad. I might be wrong but when I played I haven’t seen much good snipers except maybe Nico, Arfax, Andrea, and a few others. Also have fun organizing that.


That first tournament was a disaster. When TP tried to do it, many didn’t show up so… Plus in general I don’t like dueling in this game, 98% go butthurt after they lose.


@Rja12 , why dont you try me in sniping ? I’m sure you will put me in that list of yours too :wink: :blush:


Well I’m not playing and I haven’t sniped in a very long time so you probably will win even though i have never seen you snipe. When I was in my prime pretty much no one beat me in a 1 v 1 except Beli and Fifa out of all the sniper battles I did. I always wanted to offiicaly duel UM but he doesn’t do battles.


I realised it depends on how someone play. Like someone might counter u, but not me and reversed. So it’s really hard to say who is better or if ‘better’ even exists in this case. Young latino Nico is really good :smiley:


Hmm maybe someday I get a chance to prove myself to you guys :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not sure the accuracy, precision and timing is there on the webGL version, I know it is only Beta but…it feels changed a bit.


@deaaa0803 Well better does exists. There is always a sniper better then the others, and a sniper that is the best. Especially when a sniper is in their prime they go to the top, like Nico. Back then Nico couldn’t outsnipe me when I was the top sniper and now that he has practice and played for a while he’s the top sniper. So it all depends on experience and practice. Also depends on how you apply your skills in the game. Same thing with UM… There was a time when he first started and I was better. Then we were equal as he got better, then he became better than me as I stopped being too active. It’s just a cycle. If I practice for a month again and play a lot, I’m sure I will be very good again.

@Amarrly Aren’t you that blazer that hunts me non-stop? I recall you hunting me 24/7 when I was playing on alts and my main lmao.


Well for being better in any game it takes time, patience and learning game in general. I don’t think there is the best. There are top 10, top 20 but one single the best hardly. U just learn how someone moves and use it in ur adventage. As u said, Beli could outsnipe u, but he couldn’t do the same to me. That doesn’t make him a better or worse sniper. Fifas highlight was the best lol. He improved a lot in short period, when I didn’t play about 2-3 months (when 1. tournament came) and facing him after that was like hell. He was really good and I was really bad ahaha. abu0 was getting rekt by Imma, I was rekting Imma and getting rekt by abu0. So if u go with logic, there isn’t who is better then u put 3 of us on same spot.


@Rja12 yep can’t capture the middle if someone keeps plugging a bullet in my skull :stuck_out_tongue: Got to turn them to ash.


@deaaa0803 Yeah , Fifa’s sniping style was extremely hard to counter.

@Amarrly lmao, you’re a good blazer. I feel like a good blazer should be able to help on the outskirts of the map with killing and not just inside the shuttle and you do that well.


That’s debateable. I can’t remember ever dueling you, but when we did snipe against each other I remember I held my own against you, if I didn’t do better than you. That being said, I beat rja when I was in my prime and he was on a downward trend (I think, not sure maybe he can say). My prime lasted for about a month as I didn’t have enough time to practice. Right now all I want to do is to be able to go back and practice sniping again.


I really love sniping but for some reason, I hate sniper duels cuz of RNG. You shot your opponent 4 times but he’s still alive, he shot you twice and you’re dead. The action delay is also a problem especially for ppls that doesn’t have low ping. (On your opponent’s screen, registration of action on your character takes milliseconds/seconds.)
But its still fun though.

Btw I just learned like a month ago that “click time” should be also considered.


:eye: 4 :fog: a… :wave::crystal_ball::vulcan:… … Blazer Tournament.



Did we not talk about this in an earlier thread,where I gave some huge ass replies,yes “huge ass”.

I remember sniping with Fifa,when I started out.
Considering I was pretty bad at the time he always had the upper hand.He was on a couple of weeks earlier when I messaged him on discord and he decided to make a random pop in,I beat him this time tho :joy:

I remember sniping you,and I even saw you in one of my videos.
Your not bad,not the best I’ve seen either.
I’m still starting out too,haven’t hit my “Prime” as some would call it,yet.


you are the only one that ever had this SUGGESTION, wait did i just say suggestion? i wonder where suggestions, like the one you gave @Anasmasterking go? :thinking:



Organize Tournaments = Tournaments?


O this was months ago and also some friendly matches. Not a big deal,I pointed how its not really showing who is better or worse. Personally (so it’s my own opinion,anyone can agree or disagree) 1v1 is for me just for fun or to do something different, it’s not showing how good someone is in the match. I couldn’t snipe properly for a very long time in Shuttle while I could do duels normally there. And again,personally i don’t like 1v1 same class. If u look at assassin,he is supposed to be sneaky and predator,which isn’t the case in duels since u expect another assassin. And duels can be luck based sometimes. Crits,what PIS said about rail…5 shots and he still jumps around like what the hell xD


That’s true about assassin, but it’s also wrong to say dueling has no bearing in the real game. Counter sniping happens a lot and if you can’t counter snipe you’re not a complete sniper. Being a complete sniper should really be the goal.