Fixer is partly designed new class :smile:


I hope you’re not the one who’s gonna design it, it will end up old smily and ugly
Just make a new class, name it after me


New class with your name?
(i was thinking what happen when put his name on that class)

Answer=The Mahmmouda


U become complete noob :smiley:


Do you guys have a plan to add Fixer/Basher/new classes soon in the future?


Basher and Fixer are like… 5% done. Missing design of weapons, heroes itself, they don’t have any ability created (not gonna mention how both have 1 old weapon, from shop)


Should we help suggest on that too?


It’s not about suggestions lol. If there was more, like 70%, adding stuff on it would be way easier. Like this basically we got nothing and need to create everything.


okay okay,i understand now…

So you mean Developer have to create everything to make adding stuff be easier?
Because my game still have some problem…
(Don’t mad or rage for my question,be happy mod) :neutral_face:


Who name those classes, whoever named them is so creative.


Yes, sexy right? :DD


Yeah,you can ask them to put weapon and skill you want :wink:


Fixer is very cweative name




No its not, its a very common name I would choose the distinguisher, the destroyer, the great machine fighter.
Hey I’m fixer, and I fix shit, bob the builder is my uncle


From what I could see, his role is off support. Supporting team, but not with healing or shield, might be CC.
While Basher is hilarious. U could roll on floor with him. Got no clue how he would be effective in the game lmao


Show me pics and what is CC


Healer, Smasher, Rampageer, Slasher, Cutter, Puncher, Helper, Shielder, Marksman, Defender… lol >.<


Crowd control.

and Fixer is more creative than tanky class called…Tank. xD


How, at least show me a picture of the class dude