Tbh yes they hacked
Just for once or twice but now they r normal
They were super fast
Insta kill with all classes
One touch and u dead
And it isnt lag


Sadly, screenshot really can’t show how is X person hacking. Video is needed.


Still could be an immense amount of lag. Person kills you normally on their pov but you see someone just staying somewhere not moving then suddenly they lag jump over to you and you’re dead. Has happened to me before.


oof believe it or not
Its not lag
Lag aint that bad,also when they have green ping
Why not ask some old and experienced players who played with them if u rly want the proofs


doesn’t rly matters as the game’s already dead


slow eye roll


If ss is useless, then I can’t report the hackers. I don’t make video like anyone else did. Not even having a youtube channel :joy:. Also, I know how to identify hackers. Remember those old days that at least every room got 1 hacker? those famous hackers alike Nothingcanbefun. Nathan, bbbes3, hunter and etc…


U don’t need a youtube channel, videos can be uploaded on google drive.

But either way, from what I could notice, 300+ ping honestly is pain to play against.


Hi, I just found this site a few days ago and was REALLY excited because I saw lots of people that I know In-game. :grinning:


welcome @Fantik

I hope you know who I am




Welcome to the forum!


ah cool, welcome :wink:


Sup dude, I recall playing some matches with you in them ^^


Glad to see some people are still playing the game lol.


if i suck up to andy will she peg me like the old days :wink:


Hi. I have a problem with my account. I can’t join it. I don’t remember my password and I can’t even click where it says if I forget my password. I would like some help please