We are listening to all of you, if have any suggestion regarding the game, feel free to post here.

Heroes prices?
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I would like to suggest a new map called boshporus, located on a bridge in Turkey. The fighters have landed to earth and they fight there (just for one map tho) and you can go a lil bit further then the bridge u can also go to the land and on the bridge there is a lot of crashed cars…doesnt really go with the game but would be pretty cool.


Skins a bit different, FRG just change the colors and put it price.


Ryan, Butters, guys, everyone, dont you think we would rather have new classes, a better type of inquisition system (good idea, bad execution by FRG), League of Legends shows us that the masses do not really need a bunch of maps. Raplayability isnt in the map, it is in the characters, upgrades, etc.


League of Legends srsly? That game is easy and so shitty lol. Dota beats it anytime. Just saying.


Id like some progress system that will unlock some cosmetical items. A perk system would be nice too (perks could be bought from the shop with z cash and award certain bonuses , but always comes with a disadvantage for balancing reasons) and would work very well together with a unlock system.


I would highly recommend to either balance in some way the sliding action(shift) or remove it (making it like the first version of the game).

P.S. I’ll leave the suggestion unfinished and get into it after those other 2 major updates.


Free for all mode. 15 players vs you, maybe on a new map??
Skin customisation( similar to warframe, making your character & weapons unique.)
Class limit, to prevent spamming. 8 vs 8 both teams get 2 heavies max 2 support classes max.
Autobalance checker, automatically switch out people when someone leaves and ruins the balance.
Votekick system, for when mods aren’t around.
Achievments, reward players with wearable titles & Z. ( mods will stand out that way as well as they would have a staff title.)

Another suggestion is update the graphics(but still keep the low quality settings for slower PC/laptops) and put this game on steam, & maybe charge a little, I don’t mind paying for a game I like :slight_smile: , I’d love to see this game become even more successful on steam!


Stay on topic, we dont want this to turn into the Kong forums. No matter you cannot deny Riots success in marketability and profit, and at the end of the day thats how games survive. Replayability is not in maps, it is in playable heroes, changeable upgrades, etc. And Lmfat rather than a class limit because that can be a hindrance to gameplay for some players ( I am aware it can also help players who are stuck vs 5 tanks), I would rather prefer just pure class balancing. I am completely fine with Tank doing much less damage than it does now. Even change the hammer back to where it required timing to use effectively.


It will be a chance for players that only use tank to explore another class and give up their only tanking ways, same goes for support players.
The hammer still needs timing to be effective, you don’t just swing it for the sake of it. There is a technique.
Players can use other techniques/strategies to counter the tank. (UMs gameplay with scout for an example)
The damage is fine for a heavy class IMO, it is a hammer after all. It should have the high DPS as a melee weapon.


The hammer should have high flat damage not high DPS(it swings too fast for the amount of damage it does), and lmfat you are the only one that still stun lock swings like the old days. The hammer is different now, you can swing it (click & hold) and it will work the same as what me and you do. I am only asking for a nerf to the Tanks global offensive power. Change the hammer back to the old ways, where timing = success. Change the ‘E’ to where it is better for the on-hit effect rather than an almost mobility exclusive ability.The hammer shield is fine, the nuetron shell needs to last around 1 second less and also give an indicator as to when it is about to run out( the old “bubble” used to turn red before it ran out but FRG removed that, idk why).


Also the Tank should have a weapon better suited to its playstyle, the HMG is short-range but not short-range enough. Gives the tank too many strengths, I like the old shotgun that had 4 shots, slow time between shots, very short range, and like any shotgun it did damage based off of how far away the target was. Best option is if eventually every class had 4 weapons, 2 of each category. To where you get to choose which one you want in each slot (1/2). Ex.) Tank Main weapon category (1) HMG/HVY shotgun, Secondary weapon category(2) Mauler/Gauntlets. Those are not the most original but you get the idea.


I’m fine with a slower mauler swing, the damage is fine (so lower DPS). If a tank catches you, it should be able to instakill medium health classes(with combos and such).


I would put the weapons idea in the “fridge” like I did with my sliding one, because that changes the game a lot in term of balancing.


Making Tank less OP

  • Make the Bubble the same as the tanks shield (NOT EXACTLY THE SAME). Tank still takes damage but damage taken is lowered significantly. When Q is on damage goes directly to tanks health.
  • Make it possible to attack and get rid of Q.
  • DoT like assassins poison and blazers flames can do damage even with the bubble up. Damaged is halved to avoid assassin instant kill?
  • Gunners Q allows piercing of tanks Q OR Rail gun can still bellrung (headshot effect) tanks even with Q up,
  • Using Q gives a backlash effect (reduced speed/no skills usable).
  • When Q is active Tank cannot take health and force field will only regenerate after 10 secs of Q being inactive.

Also bring back the old mauler walk for tank the one with him dragging the mauler on the ground when hes walking. Looked epic.
The one now looks like tanks trying to lose weight while jogging.


This. I agree completely with what you have said.


Thats not making it less OP that is changing the class and the gamestyle. It is turning the class into butter, the ideas I gave were not biased and completely fair (and those were not all of my ideas). I, as a tank only player, understand the strengths of the class. I agree nerfs are a must. But those changes are biased and turn the class into a walking marshmallow. I will work with the devs at every step to make the tank a balanced class because i love Tank, i know it more than you and i want for it to be a fair class.


New maps. Playing the same 4 (more like 3 since TA is so boring) gets boring. I think making Combat Bay into a multiplayer map should be relatively easy, shouldn’t it?
Class Balance. There are really two classes that are overpowered. Blaster and Tank. Blaster does probably the most damage in the game, has the most health in the game (along with Tank), and moves just as fast as a Striker class. Tank is sometimes literally impossible to kill. He has the neutron shell which makes him invincible for 8 seconds, the buckler which is another overpowered shield, and the highest defense stat in the game. Not to mention he can roam around the map easily. If a class has that much defense, it shouldn’t be able to chase down Striker and Support classes so easily. So my suggestion: Nerf the damage output of Micro Munitions on Blaster. Seriously, that grenade is the most screwed up one in the game. Also, Rockets shouldn’t stun opponents. It’s super annoying, basically once you get hit by a rocket, you’re completely screwed. For Tank, I’d make his neutron shell breakable after, maybe 5000 damage? Idk about the specific number, but it should at least be breakable.
Completely remove slide. It makes the heavy classes move extremely fast, while not being that much bonus for light classes. If you remove it, heavy classes will become less overpowered and light classes will become stronger.
Patch the hacks and ban cheaters. Probably the most important and need pressing thing right now. The game is being completely overrun by hackers. There’s a good list of hackers on the report players thread.
New classes. Everyone would like to see a couple new classes. They make the game more interesting, and then there’s actually something to spend Zs on.


**1.**How about we just put a speed cap on the slide depending on the chassis you are in? You try walking around everywhere. The slide is very important to the games playstyle. I am fine with having a slow speed cap for tank.
**2.**The buckler is not an overpowered shield, do you remember how long it used to last in 2012? It lasts barely anytime, the buckler shield is fine since they made the hammer changes and gave the delay between clicking the RMB and the shield actually nullifying frontal damage.
**3.**I think the rockets should stun an opponent with no shield, however fix the tracking of the rockets. They hit even when they miss sometimes, if you know what I am saying.