Well we can’t all be right.
Your first suggestion for tank is most definitely the best idea I’ve seen.


My wish is to slash its offense when not in confined spaces and to keep its defense to at least 85-90% minimum of what it is right now.

  1. I don’t know if you played when there wasn’t sliding in the game, but Tanks and Blasters couldn’t roam like they do now. As a light or striker chassis you could stay away from them if you wanted, even in Shuttle Bay. It’s the roaming aspect of the heavy classes that is most annoying for me.
  2. Buckler is very powerful. In 1v1 situations you can’t do anything to the Tank for like 5 seconds (I don’t remember how long it lasts). I understand Tank should be a good defensive class, but one of it’s two shields should be nerfed. Notice I didn’t say Buckler should be nerfed?
  3. The stun rockets can be one of the most overpowered part of Blaster. If you get hit by one, just one stinking rocket, you’re screwed. The whole Blaster class is so screwed up.


Do you want specific suggestions at the moment such as types of classes or types of maps? Maybe what type of glitches to fix? Or are you looking for basically any type of suggestion at the moment?


Beli bro, imagine being a sniper without slide, or an assassin without it. I know you never play in-game so you dont see the complete ramifications behind removing the slide. The slide is extremely important to the fast-paced oart of the game description.
Ryan read what weve written so far, were just spitballing.


Will the devs understand some of the types of suggestions we are posting and why they’re important? Because unless they have played the game themselves, i don’t think they would understand some of the suggestions. Like why the Tank’s mauler should be fixed because of the ongoing stun lock it creates when someone is using it.


The stunlock wouldn’t be so easy if they kept the old hammer. It took a lot of practice to get that stunlock. Also that is why they want to skype you Ryan. To learn all of the jargon we use as players,


Dude, I know what the ramifications would be. I played for a long time without sliding and the game was way better. I play frequently, I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. It’s not an important part of the game that’s my point. The game was much better before sliding was added. It made light classes less strong and heavy classes very overpowered.


Fine you got me, I am lazy I need the slide because I hate walking in FFT. I still say do not remove the slide.


There’s a reason Tank is fat.


Is a speed cap of 40-60 not enough for you? Gunners walking slide is around 25 mph.


I suggest that u add G1+ rooms into the game just like there are sgt+ and lft+ we need G1+.


Actually a skype call or something similar would help, so they and can ask as much as possible. But if that is happening we (players) need sort of a script (main points in general) so we don’t lose track of anything. I have no problems doing one during these weeks I’m not working, beside it’d be cool regardless.


I’d say that Buckler and Rockets should have a stun/disable chance for the buckler around 25-40%, whereas for the rockets 30-50%, that will make it much more balanced.Guess so.


Rockets shouldn’t stun, blaster is all about raw firepower. On which front i think both heavies are fine tbh, however they are both too mobile, tank rediculously so.
Nothing but lights can outrun a tank and even then in some situations its still hard to outrun them because of e giving instant direction change and momentum gain.
Shockers lightening should take poison stacks off gradually rather than all at once and should have reduced healing on domes.
If these couple of re-balances are done it would dramatically change the game by reducing the dominance of spam and open up the other classes more.


Create a dedicated forum for Freefall Tournament.

Since it seems you guys are taking the game seriously, I think it’s about time to get a well organized forum. I am not saying that this one is bad, but it simply doesn’t look like it’s worth it, it gives a bad feeling about it when a new player comes and find this. The point is that this is the forum and between all the topics you can search and/or look for you might encounter the one related with Freefall Tournament, and I honestly believe we should get something completely exclusive for us.

Now, this might have some advantages as well. Some people might already be aware of these advantages if they have frequented other games and their respective dedicated forums, but I’ll list some anyway because I’m certain that not everybody knows.

  • We can set diferent kind of subforums: This is specially usefull in games with too many players because we can, for example, have a specific forum for each language, which means that everyone will have access to the information we all share in our own languages. We could also create a sub forum dedicated to our beloved “Off-Topic”, another subforum for suggestions, another for reporting players, etc… etc…

  • Brand new background: Something that it’s a must is a FFT based theme to give stronger feelings.

  • Better access: I don’t know you guys, but I personally find this forum horrible. It’s so hard for me to actually read your posts, understand the quotes system, write down all the stuff, search for certain topics, handle different conversations at the same time… I just realized a few moments ago that I needed to have some sort of “basic” level to be able to send anyone a message, and I consider this awful. This is merely based in my opinion, and I honestly feel like it can improve a ton.

  • FAQ: Just like the one we have in the game and even in Kongregate forum, but instead of messing with it all around the place we could set it there for everyone to see.

  • Get a list of players who have registered in the forum: This makes much easier to find a certain someone, which is, again, very interesting to have.

  • Admins/Mods: This is something that IIRC have been asked a lot but it was a big problem because in Kongregate our forum mod was assigned by them, and even then, we had only 1 mod that literally had to deal with everything: Off topic, reports, problematic people, etc… If we had a better moderator system we could have different mods for certain areas, just like Kongregate does, but better. For example, cris could handle the reports, rja could handle the suggestions, beli could handle the off topic section and I could deal with any other area we see fit. Plus, this goes along well if we get the sub forum idea implemented, because for example I could be the “general” moderator for the Spanish side of the community, cris could be the one who deals with the Romanian part, TP could help us as well, because he speaks dutch, rja and beli could handle the english side, etc…

  • Creation of new areas: Remember all the drama we had when Spook created the Off Topic thread? Some said to sticky it, some asked for a delete, some didn’t care, and the opinions overflowed the forum even in different threads that had nothing to do with it. Well, we could create whatever thread we want, and no, I am not speaking of Off-topic threads, I am speaking of forum games, contests, raffles, etc…

  • (Clans): If we “ever” get the chance of having clans, we could put a certain subforum for X clans. This is known to be very interesting in games that offers this option, and I am well aware that FFT does not have this option, yet. But in the future this might be a good addition, and it could serve us well.

There are way more advantages, you can even look for these advantages in Google, or you could see other forums and take them as examples. See, I based some of these suggestions from these 2 forums: TDP4 Forum & Warframe Forum. The second link is what I really wish and I envision it could ever be.

So… thoughts?


Hello FreefallTizens:)
my suggestion is about opening a donation system for Latin players, either SMS or by bank deposit, so we can also contribute to server and also be part of the support thereof.

and finally we need more MOD’s ¡¡¡ACTIVES!!! from different GMT ex: 1 MOD ENGLISH, 1 MOD ASIAN, 1 MOD EUROPEAN, 1 MOD SPANISH ETC


ok, ill do that

Yes this can also be done based on the requirement[quote=“railight, post:36, topic:2062”]
Brand new background: Something that it’s a must is a FFT based theme to give stronger feelings.

I’ll Keep that mind for future changes.

I understand your concern but the limit is to avoid spam as we dont want you to see bad advertisements between the posts but once you complete your first week on the forum it will increase your trust level based on how much time you spend on the forum, we can remove the requirements right now but than it will be spammers paradise like current state of FFT not actually playable and I’m sure you guys dont want it.

understand the quotes system?

its really easy to Quote, just select the text you wants to quote and it will show you quote button, its a 2016 Forum I know you will face some issue in starting but its really cool once you get used to of it.[quote=“railight, post:36, topic:2062”]
FAQ: Just like the one we have in the game and even in Kongregate forum, but instead of messing with it all around the place we could set it there for everyone to see.

yes FAQ can be handy maybe anyone of you can create it, I’ll Pin the post.

Yes we can do it once we connect FFT to IDnet and lot of other handy functions but they all are in the pipe for now our priority is WebGL port for now.

Yes it can be done :slight_smile:

Yes you can start new areas/thread. I’ll Pin them

Yes this is very much possible once we connect FFT to idnet but still it can take a long time :slight_smile:


“I suggest to open a dotation for latinos cause we dont want to spend money :)” Are you serious? XD Buy things your self ffs.
PS: They already have a spanish, european and an american mod all they need is asian. but it doesnt matter tbh.