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¿Que haces?

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Estoy comiendo sardina muy rica :drooling_face:

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Porfin me uno a la resistencia :smiley:

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Hello,if someone could tell me the name of this game I remember playing like 5-6 years ago , its about a solider in war , first the solider gets droped off a heli on a roof then goes in a lab to rescue the scientist , that was the campain. You can also play it with friends.The game is a 2D shooter.You can choose to be a shooter healer or with sniper. (Please if anyone know ,please reply i want to play it so bad)

Strike Force heroes 1 no?

to I anggre

what solider

I don’t know

There have been no mods in FFT, can I become a mod as there were a few hackers recently and some abusive players?

Hey guys,can I become mod because it was some guys using some tech or some glitch to try to crash the game when they are losing. Besides some guys always disturbing people while we are 1 vs 1.

hey people i don’t understand what your talking about

hey its Freefall tournament not roblox :slight_smile:

Things that FFT should nerf/change it #2


  1. Bomber defense - Bomber has the lower defense in all FFT heroes

  2. Bomber shoots - FFT Should make bomber shoots little faster and also hail raiser make little faster

  3. Blasters skill Q - Dont have damages ![:expressionless:|

  4. Blazer flamethrower - medium range

  5. Scouts attack dash - did you’ll notice scout slides dash while attacking while holding right click? its missing some attack and sometimes you cant activate jetpacks

  6. Scout skill E - should have Shocked effect because “Thunder kick”

  7. Tank hammer - make little wider steps

  8. Tech pulser - Should make little faster like tank and bomber

  9. Tank shoots - make little faster

  10. Assasin slash - sometimes i notice the second slash of assasin is bug nvm lol

  11. Commando skill Q - Lower the hangout effect

  12. Commando skill F - Mostly its causes impacts

  13. Shocker lightning gun - more damage

  14. Tech repair beam - all players have problem in tech repair beam because its crashing the room

  15. Tech skill Q - more damage

  16. Blazers heat rays - if the heat rays was too long the lazer will shake

  17. Assasin dance

  18. Heroes moonwalk

  19. Shuttle bay - first they should fix some holes in sideways and top of bases, also fix some glitches like Tech skill Q in top of bases because they can reach the players in the inside, scout skill F - if you put in the center of boxes it can glitch the particle and gonna crash the room, laggy, or crash your website.

  20. Training arena - Training arena is fine for me but theres still some hidden glitches.

  21. Moon base - Bomber can pass throught invisible barrier in Moon base also some heroes, some holes in sideways and idk some others

  22. Space Station - Theres a glitch or a bug like Ghost cap also its hard to escape in some space staion area. in the heal points where placed some of the floor is sliding left, right, and normal
    the flat floor is the normal sliding area which mean you can escape faster than the others (idk if this is a bug or glitch). at the payload
    your foot is sunken and idk some of the bugs or glitch
    (My english sucks ![:sweat_smile:|

Keyboard skills:

  1. Shift - if your really fast in FFT while sliding theres a chance your hero floats
  2. Spacebar or Jetpack - sometimes you cant activate jetpack when your escaping if theres blocking your way especially Blaster skil Q and tank hammer.


  1. Dead body - Dead body where in your screen your alive but in other players your a dead body get it?
  2. Stay in base - If you lag sometimes in other players screen your inside the base even your actually in the outside
  3. Invisible - Theres a very very low chance that you become permanent invisble in a match even you dont using assasin
    you can remove the invis by leaving (well i experience this bug and i got 234 kill streak without deaths)
  4. Blazer skill E bug - if you respawn or the match ends, you’ll see sometimes your in X-ray and the player who use blazer can see you
  5. Refresher - the annoying trick
  6. Full health bug - Sometimes if you join a match and start figting you will noticed your full bar is still full even you take damages then died idk if you guys experience this?
  7. Long duration stuns
    Comment Down below your some gameplay problems

Dream hero:
- A light hero with the most highest thrust in all FFT players
and can fly more longer and float
Little more defence
medium range
more reflexes
Guns: M41A Pulse Rifle - Medium damage like commando but high damage its shoots lazers
Melee: identitiy Disc - Attack enemies with shocked effect for 0.8 sec its can also throw and follow enemies by clicking R

Skills: Skill Q - Opened the wings and and boost jetpack fly like superman no cooldowns it can use anytime but still the jetpack will ran out but the pilot still floating in the air.
Skill E - Dashes like shadows and making shocked the enemies by 1 sec and knockback the cooldown of the skill is 2 sec.
Skill F - activating 4 missiles and follow enemies.

Rooms: Should have private room or create room or public room

FFT Should have animations like when picking heroes, flying, make the jumping more realistic and walking/runnning.
and FFT should make the texture more realistic

Thats my suggestions

Antes iniciaba sesion desde la misma pagina de freefall tournament, ahora me pide un correo y contraseña el cual nunca tuve, recuerdo que solo ponia mi usuaria y contraseña pero ahora es correo y ya no tengo posibiidad de entrar a mi cuenta por eso

suggestions don’t matter rn

and it’s making me sad

especially since it’s been years since fft was updated

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