¿Que haces?




Estoy comiendo sardina muy rica :drooling_face:


Porfin me uno a la resistencia :smiley:


Hello,if someone could tell me the name of this game I remember playing like 5-6 years ago , its about a solider in war , first the solider gets droped off a heli on a roof then goes in a lab to rescue the scientist , that was the campain. You can also play it with friends.The game is a 2D shooter.You can choose to be a shooter healer or with sniper. (Please if anyone know ,please reply i want to play it so bad)


Strike Force heroes 1 no?


to I anggre


what solider


I don’t know


There have been no mods in FFT, can I become a mod as there were a few hackers recently and some abusive players?


Hey guys,can I become mod because it was some guys using some tech or some glitch to try to crash the game when they are losing. Besides some guys always disturbing people while we are 1 vs 1.