Roblox or Minecraft?

Roblox and Minecraft, two games that most of us already are familiar with. But, which one is superior to the other? Share all your thoughts regarding this question and please do keep it civilized!

Roblox or Minecraft
  • Roblox
  • Minecraft

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Roblox and minecraft


yeah but i voted for roblox
i don’t know why :upside_down_face:
even though i like them both

I have no close friends in Roblox so…
Roblox community is a bit aggressive for me but I play it anyway, maybe I abandoned it.
I play Minecraft with my best friend, she streams in Twitch!

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Hey I play roblox I don’t have very many friends

Minecraft .-.


I’ve never played Roblox, and also Minecraft was my childhood game.

Oh nice

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