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anyone like brawlhalla?

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Squid Game and it’s rip-off games on Y8 are overrated. This is on its self an understatement.

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You hate the game or the site @Alden_Smithson?

I think that my statement is self explanatory on its own and require no further explanation.

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A new, unique and exclusive discussion of the year : : Roblox or Minecraft?

Neither is my vote

Hope everyone has an awesome day

To funny not to share


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Good morning, everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Good morning.

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I have a question.
Do they delete inactive accounts?
Due to personal issues, I won’t be here for a while. And don’t want my account to disappear.

Stay safe and stay strong everyone

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they dont delete inactive accounts

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No, they don’t.

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It won’t disappear.

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You too.

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Hey can I join your chat


Thanks to all that came to chat on discord, if you want the link to join message.

Sorry I couldn’t join

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