Report Bugs FFT


Didn’t you mention that you were recording at the time?


yah imma upload it soon if i can find a pattern for the crash other then tech


Blaster’s rocket spawn outta nowhere on the map


Yeah , It’s a visual bug , You’ll see multiple rockets coming from a single spot somewhere. When the blaster guy shoots the rockets , the rockets come out from the glitch spot


this has to be the fantastic bug I have ever see


Thats old lmao


I Found out that the 2 tunnels in space stations r bugged…when u use gravity boots ur sliding to the right side instead of going straight…1/3 tunnels is perfectly fine the other 2 r found to have this problem…which makes it difficult to use gravity boots…Hope you can find a solution for this…
Thank YOU.:+1:


@Virran create a separate topic for report on that game, this is for FFT bugs as tags says


how about gunner bug
the one who plays fft sees a gunner uses rail gun and shoots fast with it
but the truth is that the player who use gunner shoots with assualt rifle and not a rail gun
(sorry for my bad language)
if you understand what im talking


I understand. In most ways they may have a bad computer and be playing on the browser


Literally playing on a browser and bad PC has nothing to do with coding or bugs in-game.


If you have a bad PC, that would mean your graphics card can’t run this open go version. You would need to see what version of unity webgl the graphics card can support. Also the processor keeps the speed of the pc going at the speed you need for a game.

Since the game is unitywebgl, the problem is that unity webgl takes too much browser data


Mate,its an ingame bug.
Its got nothing to do with ur pc specs


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Please!! I can’t run and my guy just FLOATS! I can’t jump, and jump pads don’t work anymore or barely when im floating! When I first played this game I could run and jump before I created an account for the game, so I thought that could’ve been the problem, but I logged out to play as guest and the problem’s still there. Even when I can run, it’s like there’re certain, very easy to activate, hotspots that I can’t go or I’ll end up floating. Certain maps make me float forever with no jumping. Whenever I go on the “Capture” area my guy floats endlessly and I have to keep stable on it but it’s impossible and I keep falling off the area, then I have to float back while trying not to fall off the area to do it over again! PLease tell me if this is some kind of setting I can take off! I LOVE this game but I can’t enjoy it! I’m really frustrated!


привет давай дружить


I’ve found a dead corpse it may be a glitch for a long time.never will get fixed


most likely a glitch. I have seen a gunner and a tank do that as well. I sometimes call them the Floaty Boy’s.


So i have had this problem for the last 2 months and I really need people to take charge of this problem. Whenever I get into the entering the game screen a few seconds later it says “Oops! An error occurred with the game server. Code: Unknown Error” Can someone people help me fix this problem i am having for good?

Thank you,