Report Bugs FFT


It’s the double kill bug, when an enemy kills you you get killed 2 times instantly


it’s rare if it’s lag, players won’t keep shooting you forever, it’s unusual that a guy that lags keeps firing at you till you die and till you respawn again.

I say it’s a bug, nobody would like shooting you for that much time, he can get disconnected because lag doesn’t take long to disconnect


was just playing a fun game with forza against the best sniper in the game zunder and it was the end of the match so he switched to commando and is invisible as him i tried to get proof but the ingame timer ran out

bug not hack


Hi i havent been playing the game for quite a while now (few years) and now when i logged in there were no heroes that i have bought back then. I had the blazer and the assassin. How do i fix this because im realy not wiling to play from ground zero.


Not sure if this has been posted already – but this exploit renders scout’s q obselete –

If you use jetpack while holding right click and swinging his sword, you can fly pretty much any direction for free at 44 mph


its part of the sword, its not broken and q still has use as it makes you go like 100mph


yes, its part of the sword, but you can go any direction with it, making it a much more mobile and attractive alternative. It may not be game breaking per se, but its still hella busted


Assassin can go 100 mph on demand,bomber goes 70mph in air. I don’t think making scout (supposed to be fast) go 44mph is in any way bugged.


its not the raw speed thats the problem (perhaps bugged is a bad term – if there is a better place for this post like an ‘exploits’ topic let me know, theres always a gray area between ‘exploit’ and ‘bug’) its rather that you can go upwards with it, breaking the limitations set by the jetpack, change direction on a dime etc. This allows scout to go a lot of places he couldn’t normally go, and quickly, without having to give up any resources. think of it like a secondary E with no cooldown


My name was Maimutan on the game why did i lose all my heroes i played a lot for them
The Commando, Blaster and assassin I want them back my account got reseted whyyy???



Experienced all of those glitches myself…they are very annoying.


We are looking into them thanks for reporting.


Hello Every One
Im Here To Report A Problem Which Is Aiming Problem
My Mouse Is Fine And I Tried It On Other Games But In Free Fall The Mouse Starts Going Randomly In A Way That Makes You Unable To Walk :frowning: Thanks In Advance


ye someone really needs to talk about this, i play a game for the first time in almost 2 years and the first thing i notice is cursor latency, randomness, and cursor overshooting where i mive my cursor and it wants to keep moving.


Have to say I haven’t noticed that except in very extreme games.
What you’re describing is simply a result of lag.


I stopted Playing for 2 mounths when i open my computer my cursor is randomly i shoud move it several times


I found a bug recently in Space Station, there’s a player (blue team) stayed inside my base (yellow team) which I don’t know how. It happened after the match started.


There is a definite problem with techs healing gun. The game always crashes when you’re using it well.

Me and another player did a test on 7 matches, both of us tech, and each one crashed in less than 2 minutes. This presents a large problem. Not only do you have to tell others not to use tech like tech was meant for, (cause lets face it pulser isn’t that great) but if one team is tired of losing, the easy way out is to just crash the match, and this can happen endlessly, even when you’re not trying to get it to happen.


last night me and some other players found out that tech spam of 2-3 or more will crash the game in seconds, please fix