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Try logging out from


Just clean cache.


Is a server reload supposed to happen every 10 to 15 minutes?


No , After every 4-6 hours, though server might close if intense fighting is going on (Heavy/Support spam)


I get booted to the lobby while playing Koth, more times on average than I actually get to finish a match now.
Just had a game with Marshalls and Generals, and it crashed. All other matches weren’t empty, but the room we were in was empty. Almost making fft unplayable :confused:

Ok, I just got 7 boots to lobby in a row. That’s worse than 7 forfeits. I don’t think I can play anymore like this…


We are looking into it, though it might be your internet connection, is it possible for you record the video.



Due to the fact that the boot, always seems to happen mid way or almost at the end of the match, it posses a difficulty, seeing as I would need to record for quite a long time without my computer acting up. I’ll see what I can do though.
I thought about that, but I’m on a direct line when I play, there’s no loss in connection, and it never tells me I was disconnected.
Others have said they were booted to the lobby too, just out of the one room we were in, when I’ve met them again in another match, all the others were rooms still going, so I know it wasn’t a refresh,
It does seem to have something to do with the intensity of a match, i.e. -killing multiples at once with assassin.


can confirm it is within room related (is each room a server?)

just had a match on KOTH where everyone got kicked, also a video would not provide information on what is causing the crash because it would only be from your perspective.

This could be so specific that you wouldn’t be able record what is causing it unless you checked through the code/logs considering it happens when there is a big match going on.

it could be anything really it could be related to how players are killed as previously stated by Jmc, something to do with skills or even the handler for errors. maybe there is conflicting code or missing code, who knows.


When I play a match in the training arena map, it will begin the warm-up, then when it ends the warm-up and I am still moving around, my character will start floating in the same direction including going through walls. But then the timer stops to start the match the glitch stops.


An old bug.


its a fun glitch that has been around since the first version of the map way back in like 2014


Ah I see, I have only been on fft since 2015 so that would explain why the bug is new to me.


Is this a bug ?


It happens and is very old, not game breaking.
The player name will not be visible sometimes but the weapon by which you are killed, this happens when you suicide with low health , but in this case you mean ‘Blast’ which it shows is quite odd?


hahahhaaha :DDDDDD


I think it means that you were killed by the splash damage caused by your own rockets.


Neye gülüyon laa :smiley:


U got blasted into another dimension, thats why.


I was spawn killed :thinking:


its a bug, the guy that kills you sees you alive outside spawn and kills you