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steam version

players dead but still playing

all hp and bomb pickups are invisible


a bit of server desync


I’m not sure about the first picture there “player dead but still playing”. Could he have been standing on the wall? The gravity tricks in this game let you see players at funny angles sometimes…


It’s not, i have seen this happen in game twice now. i’m not sure if it is client sided but player models appear dead in their static ‘downed’ body and move about in that state whilst being able to shoot.

You may want to muck around with a few clients and a VPN or two to gain a bit of lag and see what happens. no idea how it’s triggered.


I saw 5 people in a match complaining about something I saw only briefly, infinite scout bombs. There was this thick blue cloud that you couldn’t see through, and it reminded me vividly of how it looked in the days of the kong ultra trainer hack module when people would just cloud the base with bombs and spam.

Now, I know it is logical to think that steam/webgl cannot be hacked, but is that a 100% surety? At any rate, there’s a bug to weed out. If you look at the chat logs within the last hour or so in the US rooms, you’ll see the complaints. I have no visual proof cause as I said, it was only briefly visible for me.


Just because a game is on steam does not mean it can’t be hacked. you may be thinking of VAC (valve anti cheat) which is on valve made games such as TF2 and CSGO. This game however is not made by valve.

Because the fix for the cheats were done under the Unity engine i have no doubt there are other kinds of holes in WebGLs engine to be exploited. The Devs just have to obtain the new cheat trainer and see what it exploits and work around it.


If you see or find an exploit of this type then we definitely want to hear about it.
If you can tell us how to do it, that would be even better and we’ll be able to track it down much faster!


Mar ken was telling me that someone was trying to sell the hack through the game’s chat, for $5. Not sure if this is so, but he mentioned the name of the person was Caap
That’s about the extent of what I know so far.


that runt again? im not sure if he still has some hacks in him or not but God only knows why he never got kicked out of the game for good


Thanks for raising this issue.
I discovered that this account was banned, but the transfer tool did not previously check for banned accounts - it does now. The transferred account and related accounts have been re-banned.


the “players dead but still playing” is not on the steam version only. I saw it on the unity version.
I am not sure about the invisible pick-ups, is it in training base only? I haven’t played in training base or space station yet.
I think players still play while dead because you or them have lag if it lags for him it has to appear that he is alive on their screen, for some people he is dead and for some people he’s alive. if you are the one who’s lagging they might appear as dead because you saw them dead, your game might not show that they are dead because lagging affects the time that people respawn just like when you die.

all of these situations are my thoughts, they might be wrong. please don’t say that I am wrong. THESE ARE JUST THOUGHTS. because I know some people don’t read these things


Kills + Assists = … 0?

Well, obviously I’ve gotten thousands of kills, but every class I have now says 0 :confused:


Also, I keep getting booted to lobby when there’s an intense match happening. Never happens on slow matches, only when there’s a frenzy of stuff happening, basically, half of all good matches are killed for me because of this.


When I join a match, I see alot of guests using a rail gun but the weird thing is, the rail gun might have been hacked to make it faster shooting rather than normal shooting speed.


That’s most likely the weapon display bug, happens with all classes. It changes weapon shown as well as the appearance of projectiles. On tank you can hit them through the buckler if they show wrong weapon.


There is a known bug where another weapon uses the ‘rail gun’ projectile effect also. Our testers say that the damage done is correct… it’s a purely visual bug so it’s lower priority than issues that actively impact the game-play.


help this happens alot when im against a tank,the nullification buckler still works but he can shoot


Might just be gfx errors. Alot of times, it looks like the scout is using a smg when he’s really using a sword.


Yes He is Bug He is My Game Bug


I cant leave my account