Report Bugs FFT


yeah thats what happened


found another one when we won it told “Defeat” it gave no 0 exp and no z cash


Do you remember your room name ? which server was it? did you played in last 1 hour? I can take a look to it


Next time, if you see this error, do try to send me the room & server name, we could immediately check our servers for the logs thereafter




Fixed: Guests & first time IDnet users should be able to use “free” classes.
This issue happened randomly, mostly when Tech was a free class.


help im playing the steam version and it will not get past the loading your profile stage, it was working earlyer and i have not changed anything


Same on browser.


maybe an update is going on and the game has been shut off


Sorry guys, servers went down during night.


Keep getting booted to the lobby while playing the steam version, and then when I get back on and look, the room I was in is empty.


I’m getting killed by a teammate ;-;


Was he hit by an assassin’s panic bomb? That enables friendly fire.

But earlier this week, I killed a blaster as gunner, and the kill readout said I used HRL…so it might just be a readout fluke and you were killed by something else.


It’s actually correct and this is a bug. For some reason, teammates can kill u now lol.


Nah jk, was playing all vs all mode


Is this similar to the bug where a player can look like a dead body but still navigate all around and shoot, while looking like they’re dead and being untargetable?


Dunno what are u talking about.

Either way, I’m not working on FFT anymore, just wanted to clear up above bug.


Oh that one.

Now that’s what it looks like: A dead body moving around with everything avaliable to them and with animations – except the person looks like a corpse moving around and shooting people.

The person is also untargetable – this specific circumstance started when I shot the commando and it looked as if it turned into a corpse – but the kill was not logged. And then the corpse starting moving at shooting me. I couldn’t shoot it – I tried hipfiring it at the corpse – still untargettable.


I think people may be able to kill the corpse players with flare bomb due to it damaging all enemies in range, but yeah, it’s super annoying, and especially when it happens with a scout and it’s moving rapidly everywhere laying down lol

I’m wondering if certain people are able to make this happen intentionally, or if it’s just randomly affecting people.


Tank’s buckler seems to bugged.
More than half of time it complete no function.