Report Bugs FFT


Windows 7 pro.


Click Windows+G , it’s an inbuilt recorder


Here is the first bug video, showing the class change bug.


@WhiteXhadow When you find time, can you confirm this Guest’s class change issue ? Or maybe Andrea can check if she has a bit of time.


Yea, checking it


Here is a brief video showing what I experience with the early kill notification.
Not a huge problem, but noticeable.


Yes thats known,@WhiteXhadow reported it already, but it isnt a big problem as you said, but we’ll work on it soon. Thanks for the video though :wink:


Yes, I can confirm this. Cant switch to free class as guest


Ok thanks


And lastly, the video of me clicking a room, and being redirected to the lobby.


Did you went into the same room before ?


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Yes, this happens at random. If I reload the game, that room might be ok.

Happened twice more in this video, as well as some funny spinning acrobatics after I died :stuck_out_tongue:


When room join issue happens again, can you show me the console logs screenshot ?


Yes, I’ll be sure to capture that as well.


I don’t think this is a bug but when u reach very low hp it says u killed the user then he didn;t spawn in his base that time he like teleported to me and teleported back to the base


another one when i kill a person it says that i killed it twice and gives me 2 kills


I doubt that, any proof ?


Which room were you in/what character were you playing as?

EDIT: I think what happened was, is that since the kill message comes early, leaving the enemy with a tiny bit of life, if you are killed and then come back and finish him off, it will give you another kill streak message, giving the appearance that you’ve killed twice for the one player you killed. But that’s only happened to me twice, and I attributed it to lag.


Hi, this should be fixed now.