Report Bugs FFT


At least 5 if not longer, just sorta stands there as if the player released all the controls.



can you please check few games here and let us know if you face the same issue.


health is completely broken me and joepro were playing and 1v1ing and i would kill him and he would go on like nothing happened until he respawned, sometimes we just could not deal damage or somone would get a -1 respawn timer and have to rejoin


I’d like to report people spawning inside of the hanger, immediately after dying.


Hi, we are aware of this issues, all are reported and fixing is in progress. Thanks for reports :purple_heart:


I know you guys will get it fixed :slight_smile:

Last one I’ve got to report, is that the settings sliders don’t work.
And if I kill someone, since he immediately respawns, and I kill him again, two representations of his dead body will be in the hanger at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah that’s wired. I’ve experienced instant on the spot respawn but never seen two bodies of a player at the same time.


Bugs listed recently are fixed & game is updated, please report here if you find them again.
@WhiteXhadow Is testing the game right now, can you please report here about your tests :slight_smile:


Yes, The following recent bugs have been fixed .

Tech can now heal itself and other players
Kockback/Stuns now work for all classes , Mauler Stun works as well
Health bug is also fixed
And players revive normally after dying and are listed in kill feed.

I will try and find if there are any other recent bugs :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks for the very quick bugfixes Joll, I expected bugfixes were only going to happens weeks after Steam release but that was so much faster than expected. Thanks for your promptness! :smiley:


Clicking certain maps will act like it’s bringing you into the game, and then you’ll be put back at the start screen of the game. 16A KOTH in particular. But it doesn’t always happen,
I occasionally get doped saber kick noises when I die from a gunner.
Players drop now when they die, but the “kill” message and sound comes too early, when they still have a tiny bit of life yet to drain.

Guests still cannot switch to the free class.


What happening now when they try to switch to free class ? Try to explain a bit more.


It says next class switch in 28 seconds like usual, but nothing else happens, I stay as gunner.


I’ll double check this ok


Thanks :slight_smile: Also I hear the start of a new game sound several times during the pre-match as it keeps restarting, making the first half or all of the prematch impossible to move around in.


This happens for the guests when they change class in warmup match only , Its known, this issue was transferred from webplayer to webgl. I mean, was also a part of webplayer.


Ah, gotcha.


This happens everytime?


I’d say 90% of the time.

If you have a suggestion for a screen recorder that’s easy on a computer, I’ll try to record it.


Oh that would be good, since it was like 25% for me hmm

Are you on Windows 10?