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Yes, That’s not actually the case, it seems like you dont get damage, but It’s delay actually. I wasnt dying when i was being hit enough, But suddenly i spawned in my base. So it’s delay i guess


Could this explain appearing in your base but not being listed as killed by anyone?


You’ll be listed too, at least i was. Weren’t you?


No, when the invincibility thing is happening, when I finally die, there is no record of my death or who killed me on the display. And I just appear in the base without any respawn time needed


that happened to me also


So basically, problem is, HP bar is full, & you dont die ?
OR HP bar is full & you still die ? meaning, you get damage, but it isnt refected on HP bar ?
OR both exists ?


HP bar plus shield bar doesn’t deplete, making you invincible for a couple minutes, or so it would seem. I can run into blaster as a gunner and take several rockets before I start killing him, and I do succeed in killing so it’s not as though I’ve been dead for some time and just see myself shooting.

And then, when the glitch wears off, I die instantly, respawn instantly, and there’s no record of me even dying.


help the y8 logo changed and full screen now works on mozilla


i cant walk…my heroes just float
i play on chrome
shuttle bay= floats for all the time
moon base= floats when i am inside the base


Full screen bug in firefox is fixed


I noticed, it works much better now :slight_smile:


Yes its optimised more. The bugs listed yesterday(by you and others) are still there.


There is one odd bug, where after I’ve made a kill, it makes a doped saber chop sound, and then the player I’ve killed doesn’t fall down. He just sorta freezes and stands there in front of me, before disappearing.


Interesting, for how many seconds he stayed freezed before he disappeared(actually dead) ?



i formatted my pc…
this is happening



Works fine for me hmm. Are you using chrome older version?




This isnt game sided error, but looks like your internet, try any other webgl game on y8 , for instance hide online