Report Bugs FFT


Huh, I’ll check if that’s a problem for me.
edit: yeah, same problem.


hey i still have 1 more problem… this happens less often but sometimes when i on my comp, and i try to play freefall, the loading ends up at the login screen and when i try to log in, it loads for a while and then returns me back to the login screen which is really annoying because i have to restart my comp everytime that happens so that i can play :confused:


and it happened again -.- went to the kitchen for some snacks came back and the game kept loading and couldn’t finish processing and when i refresh, im stuck at the login page. this is so stupid tbh. please fix this. my computer didn’t even go standby or sleep mode either smh.

edit: i can’t post another reply because im a new user.
update: i tried clearing cache but still no use :confused: this is so stupid man i can’t play any freefall when this bs happens


Works fine for me, try clearing cache


@Rin2 this on what are u complaining on are ur private issues/ur PC issues.


no what im complaining about is the issue of this game


That issue u have nobody else has apparently.


many others have too actually so they should fix it


Oh? Who else has it?


many others has it :frowning:


@Rin2 Hey are you Lft. Rin?


this is like a common bug when i join a shuttle bay server it takes me to moon base


Free classes aren’t working, I tried coming on as a guest and I couldn’t switch to tank. Guest1214 said he experienced the same thing.

When I click it, I stay as a gunner even though it acts as though I’ve changed classes by telling me how long I have to wait before the next class change.



Thanks for reporting, did this started happening today ?


Yes, well, I just noticed it today after coming back from a vacation.


I found a major bug it is like it gives u inf hp and shield i turned into blazer and when i was fighting a guy he was shooting but i didn’t take any damage then again it happened to someone else i was using the flamethrower on him he lost no hp but it showed that he died but he was still alive somehow
(it wasn’t impact)


it happened in 10/10 players server


Interesting info, if you see some more issues compared to before, keep reporting.


I can confirm this bug. I was playing on multiple classes, and on each one I experienced what seemed like invincibility. Other players seemed to have this invincibility as well. But in every instance, it’s temporary.
I definitely should have died sooner with the amount of stuff being thrown at me lol. Along with that, there seems to be a stronger gravity updraft in the TDM arenas one of the side edges, and players take a while to stop standing after it says I’ve killed them.

However, I would like to add that I like where this is going. 10 player matches is better than 8 once that bugs are worked out ^^


happened again but the shocker was also bugged