Report Bugs FFT


Same for me.


I just took a look at this. My monitor is 1920x1080 and I see it too.
The graphics resize about 1 second after you switch to full-screen. There is no information lost when these thin bars appear, it is resizing to an aspect ratio that doesn’t fit the monitor exactly. Rather than show the art squashed or stretched in one direction only, it adds these thin bars at the edges.
I would have to dig into the code to find out exactly what aspect ratio is required by the game, but this seems like it is not a bug and probably “working as intended”.


when it happens to me it cuts off the score and match timer



I am looking into it, latest update broke this.


It wasn’t like this until recently.


I opened fft after like few weeks…when the game was fully loaded,an error popped up
“aw snap ur browser ran out of memory”
i am using google chrome and this same thing happened to me few times a month ago…


now when i am opening it again,the loading just stops at 0%


Works fine for me.Hmm


maybe you can try again ?


Clear browser’s cache just to free up some cached things and memory


False defeats bug? This was the final output, and I got defeat >



I’m more curious how in a room that is 4v4 one team has 6 ppl and another 2.


And we cant even switch teams in that situation tbh


It’s a bug, this shouldn’t happen at all.


It’s something to do with auto switching I think. It’s nice when it works well to balance the teams, but then when it doesn’t work, you can end up with one or two strong people on one team, and all the other players on the other team. Apparently because everyone was getting rekt by my scouting, the game mechanics felt like I only needed one other team mate.
Idk how it works now, but at random sometimes I’ll find myself on a different team without having intentionally switched.

The point was captured, the 1000 was there, everything pointed to a win, but nope. The false defeats are super annoying lol


ive found a bug, but the bug is the fix for the black bars:

if you are lucky and start right clicking while you die and you get the standard windows right click function to come up you can open inspect element for the game itself, after you do this if you look around i bit and find the resolution that is 900x600 (witch is what the games render res is) and switch it to your moniters resolution it will get rid of the full screen black bars and get the game to run at said resolution

solution to the black bars : add a resolution option


here you go, just made a video on how to fix the black bars

remove the link if you want to but it can only help the game


Thanks,link won’t be removed but u might can post it also in General Discussion.


Am I the only one when sometimes I died, the page got refreshed? But before refreshing, right-mouse click pop out appear?


Hey, there’s a bug with the sound on Chrome, newest revision. Sound no longer works on Freefall tournament. If you could fix it that’d be great :slight_smile: