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ev!l hax0r ;-;


Did anything ever come up about this? Still not fixed, still unplayable :confused:


I have the same problem, we are already two, I do not think it’s the internet

help us :C


This is not in our hands, but WebGL tech. sided, with more players in room, network communication increases, which decrease fps, & makes game jerky when players in room increases. Try to change browser and see if it helps.

We are upgrading our project to Latest version of unity webgl, lets hope unity improves the situation.

Try lower player room meanwhile.


I’m sure you already know it, since it’s a bug that exists from the beginning of the server change. But every time I see it I think about commenting and I never do. So there goes:

A part of the platform on the left of the yellow base in Moon Base it’s missing :laughing:


It’s not missing, always been like that.


Hmmm… then it’s missing from the begginning, but it’s missing xD. The other 3 corners have this part of platform. Not a critic, but it’s rare :smile:


Mind showing other 3, just to see the difference? Wasn’t in a game for a while lol.


Of course. Well only 1, you can figure out the other 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Other 2 are bug I believe, first one is right. Simple because platform doesn’t make any sense, player can’t enter outside of the map.


In the 3 corners where that piece is you can’t fall down; the limit is the first small part with less inclination. In the corner where it isn’t you can fall to the ‘M2’ mark zone. I think someone just forgot to put that little piece in 1 of the corners.
Anyway, it’s a nonsense without importance, but it’s rare to see 3 equal corners and a different one haha


Yep but I’m not sure was the original one without/with it. Didn’t even notice it tbh xD
Map was cut to have better optimazation since old one was buggy as hell and literally unplayable after 2 min. But cuts as much as I know was made on background objects, not platforms, so might be that was the original concept, can’t really remember.


I think that platform (not including the ramps) is designed to be symmetrical so the same graphics piece can be used on the other side of the map too. This way the game loads faster than if we had a different object for each side of the map. The little stubby bit sticking out is a connector where a ramp can connect when it’s on the other side.
This sort of graphic optimisation was very common a few years ago when computers were less powerful, but now we are making games for browsers which are very limited it is even more important.


pretty sure there’s a memory leak somewhere, performance decreases as i continually play without refreshing the page (which is independent of factors like how many players are on a map)

also had a prompt on chrome come up once stating that the program had run out of memory


Because u need to clean ur browsers from cache every second day.
U didn’t clean it for about a week or so if u get that ur browser ran out of memory.


What’s up with the servers? I’m having some serious connection issues over the last few days, always throws me back to the lobby when I try to warp into a map.


I get that too, aside from the camera problems. Very annoying.


Thats issue with Shuttle bay and Moon base.


Yes, investigating, sorry was a bit busy planning the steam version.


when i go into fullscreen mode about a 1/4 inch of the top and bottom of the screen is gone, it does this no matter what i do and does it on multiple computers