Report Bugs FFT


Same for me Chrome browser, UK. login pop up, loads then login pop up, then repeats


I can’t login what happened today?I can login when i play as a guest,but there’s no games found pls fix it as soon as possible pls


lol nobody cares FFT!!! guys we need help !!!


I am loading the game now to check it.
EDIT: confirmed this happens to me too, I will pass it on to the developers for attention.


thank u


thank u for ur kind reply XD, please let me know when it works


G1.hendrickson is a speed hacker or use something cheater tool.Sincerely I reported him more than 10 times,but he still keeps playing with it,he will not get banned by DEVS. Next time I should put a recorded video on the FFT forum.


I believe there is a special forum area where you can report players, if you see something you are certain is a hack or a cheat then a video posted there is the best way to make sure that action is taken.


I believe the problem is still present at the moment. I have checked everything I can but must now wait for developers in other parts of the world to wake up and start work before I can take it any further.



Sorry for the hassle, Photon server is down, we are trying to bring it back. It almost affected all of y8’s multiplayer games(including Hide Online).


FFT (& all other affected multiplayer games) should be working fine now.


this is a bug? theres someone called unknown!


Yes ,it’s a bug.


No it is probably not a bug, there are 420 players in the database with ‘unknown’ in their names and 78 players called ‘unknown’ exactly :smiley:
The most popular name is ‘killer’ with 1766 of them, and then it is ‘Alex’ (1295)… so a big shout-out to all of you!

EDIT: I stand corrected, it is a bug


Its a bug actually.
Any name in gray color as ‘unknown’ is just a bug (server didn’t register who killed a player or something).


Its a bug


they are ghosts :ghost:


ahhh,lower meter shower :wink: :stars:
Blaster has infinite ammo,i think its a bug too!



Yes ,it’s a bug.Happens with Bomber,Commando and Blaster


Yeah, happened to me with commando uncountable times since the change of servers. Just try to dont abuse too much :laughing: