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Its hard to dodge though. Get chopped after you got inside the spawn, dodged the assassin’s attack but still get instakilled, get killed behind the walls, HP down to zero but can still shoot, hide behind and snipe, Flames doesn’t reach you but still takes damage… and etc.
The lag that delays the animation/action is one of the worst problem in this game.


WTF ?! Seriously ??!

alll FREE !!! !!!


Ill check this right now.

Edit: Yea, something is messed with store. Seems like u cant buy slugs at all, so its only visual bug that costs 0$ :stuck_out_tongue:


We know about this bug, and our developers are working on it. should be fixed very soon.


After using blazer for few minutes and switching to another class. The opponent’s team’s players were somewhat still visible and still was seeing them colored. And my tank also had a visual glitch/bug. Only I can see this though.


i also had that bug before.


With this bug is posible to bug the Tank Mauler and increment extremly his velocity, and ik some player who abuse of this bug i have proof of the glitch and Player!


Yes, it happened to me more than once. I did put it on the list of bugs.


Training Arena Glitch. There are in total 4 places a player can get stuck on this map. Here is one of them. I will try to record other ones later. There is also one in shuttle bay, when player is stuck on the side of the ship.

TA glitch:

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Thanks for the video.


2 things:
1: I often find that when I’m sliding towards a blazer that has his q up, I’ll just stop moving or slow down dramatically, because his ability pushed me back. But then it doesn’t keep pushing me, so I’m stuck barely moving in front of his. So I have to stop sliding and start sliding again to use his q force to move away. Not sure exactly why this happens but it had led me to many bombs in the face.
2: the vertical movement aspect of Scout’s saber dash is inconsistent. It usually works, but not always. If you look up and saber dash you should move up and forward, but sometimes you only move forward. As any scout knows, the dash is absolutely crucial for movement, so having it be inconsistent can be annoying or deadly.


Blazer’s Q? or Blasters?


Sorry, blaster’s


I went on a sever on FreeFall Tournament and i got 86,417 Z.
Also my level was increased to 1 Star General.
Is there anything i should worry about?


How to fix this?


^ We are missing the picture/link here. Could you please re-send it ?


can you see it now? Either way, it shows no games, and it keep saying that no games are found.
I have refreshed the browser and my pc as many times as i can remember.
P.S. this is at the rooms list.


Sorry for that. It’s a random glitch, all should be fixed once.