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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden. Hola quisiera saber porque el juego esta asi no lo entiendo nada y si se puede hacer algo al respecto gracias


You know that bug where you see an enemy in your spawn in Shuttlebay? I met someone yesterday who could reproduce that bug. He uses scout and goes under the ship. He hits the 4 corners repeatedly like a pinball to gain speed. Then (i dont know what actually happens) he disappears in the wall and appears in the other team’s spawn.

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Yeah you can do it with assassin also, you have to hit the corner at a fair speed though. I have a vague memory of it being reported on a few months ago by some one in the old forum.

^this method is what I used to go out of the map in shuttle bay.

After Y8 took over, the game for me becomes more laggier and almost unplayable, idk the reason why. :<

My ping is very unstable, changing from 312 to 1000 like every 5 seconds. I also get DCed like 1 out of 2 matches.
I am grinding XP to death just to reach 50k, before I temporarily leave this game. I just need 500xp and it took me more than 12 hours just to grind half of it.

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hope it helps, its nothing to do with Y8 but the whole internet is effective in Europe and US.

Fix the bugged server please -_-

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found one
when a friendly panicked assassin hits you and your stuck with their poison,you can’t use an health pack to clean it off, even if an enemy assassin hits you

Yes we are on it, should be fixed soon.

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lol dock 2 US is bugged

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

it loaded perfectly then i did the tutrial then i bought the hero THEN i went to play menu i see no games found ma net is perfect and fine and i keep refreshing and close and oepn the browser
i use firefix
plz plz plz help!

Just press refresh a couple of times it will show eventually.

It’s Mochian can u remove 4k xp and 9k money from my account?I have no idea how i got them…

It’s actually 51k money… :frowning:

Dock 1 bugged right now. Many people are standing still for xp and cash.

Many people have been here for at least 30 mins (edit: it’s more like 1 hour in fact).

some i believe are creating more accounts so that they can do that

Please sort out the lag issues with this game. Its the only game I’ve evr played where having lag is an advantage. Seriously all those high ping players can basically shoot through walls. loads of shots clearly miss by many feet yet still do damage. Why do i get penelized for having fast internet? Seriously sniping is better in US than EU because i have higher ping there. That is just mental

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