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can you fix this glitch please fix it because lots of people have already done this. that’s cheating. many players have been annoyed by this glitch. this sucks please fix this glitch


Please Add this map maybe its more exciting And Fun This is School Maps


Hello @Stephanie! Some problems, tell me with FAQ (Frequently asked questions)! :wink:


hell yea



I’m out, this new lag is a huge nonsense. Bye everyone, it had been nice to spend those months with you, some of you are really great people.


hello how are you


Leo cn we talk


@Ankit HUGE thank you, situation with lag became way better!!!


well, no probs. Of course.


Glad to know its better now.


yeah :grin:






So i have this game so does my bf but when one of hs make a game the other cant find it and join can someone help???


Of course, Theoretically, please message staff, please.


hii, maybe you guys were playing in different regions?




Well well well, isn’t that too proud to talk to Lio Zoe :grin:ughhh