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Hello Everyone,

we have released new super hit game “Hide Online” dont forget to check it today.

Hide online is a fun game with two teams. Player can be in Hunters or Props. As Hunter, the player need to find the target and kill it. Prop is able to become an object like chair, plant, box, table and many more. He navigates by music and sounds where he is hiding. Hunter should track that sound and discover secret spot of Prop. Game offers different characters and weapons.

Play: http://www.y8.com/games/hide_online

Game Error
HIDE ONLINE ERROR (November 5, 2018)
Error hide online
Hide online glitch?
Hide Online Game Server ERROR
There is an error I can't play the game
Saying error hide online
Wont let me play, tried over
Error HideOnline
Still cant play
Hide Online Error
Ayuda porfabor hellmy
hide online
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What is hide online
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Hide online id.net(magyar)

oui mes on fait comment pour change dobjet




It wont let me play!



can you please share screenshot or tell a bit in details about the issues you are facing.





how do you sign out of a an account


please make more maps and add customizable sounds for the props.


make more maps and more guns and pepole make a map that in a warehouse a house funhouse and park and in other places like so


can you also make private severes please and biger map and a longer time spam




that is true


Hey Hide Online Family!
I like this game a much but there is one thing :smiley:
you should add more maps and more server im searching for 15min and cant find a game
so there are 40rooms and over 500 players in each room can come 10players and whats with the rest?
ill hope you fix that as soon as you can

thanks Seksmo

(sorry for my bad englissh


i cant even start to play the game because it says “failed to connect to server”


its so good just that i see people texting in the game and i dont know how too


please let diss game game work plz




go to id.net to signout from the account

our developers are already working to add more maps and we’ll add more sounds also thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Our developers are already working on it, thanks for your suggestion.

Thanks for your suggestion about private rooms, we’ll surely discuss with developers

Sorry to hear that, we are investigating about your issue.

please check your internet connection

press F1 for menu and Enter to chat

May I know the error you are facing ? or maybe you can share the screenshot.


good game but it will be beter if you make new maps like a shop or gallery and new weapons


Hey I love the game but could you add more weapons and the option to get different skins. Also could add more maps and hilarious sound effects.