Hide Online



Hi can you update the game pls i wanna play with new skin and i don’t had a phone for play this game

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Please help me my hide online appears in a black screen but i can still control but i cant see my hunter skin at all and when im in the game the screen is black too i can only see chats,deaths,and info when i press tab but i cant see the screen i cant play like this please help!


hi ^^ can you please take a screenshot? :slight_smile:






Bruh the game just stop at 20% when it loads. Pls help


I’m level 6 and it’s a great game


Bitch haha


Hi i was thinking that maybe you can make more stuff for the props to turn into? Thankyou!




a mi tampoco :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Bruh this also happen to me when i played this game haha


Lol found this glitch on yotube in hide online https://youtube.com/watch?v=wi62kjF3m-E&feature=share


Lol this grenade is bug and just like that!


its really really goood game im always a burger cup or a box


si sierto


Yes yes. This is a discution for the spam we are having for a game we are playing please make them banned so they do it like this!