Hide Online



I love this game. But I honestly wish people could just make their own rooms. And you can set the room to private for friends only.


How @Spencer1?


I think it would be better to make a room, because let’s say that all the rooms are occupied I think it would come in handy to make a room for people. Also, if you want to play with friends only you can set the room to private. This way it could make the game better :).


I’m not guaranteeing that people will like this but it’s what i think.




What do you think about this?


Good! Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’m pretty upset having lost my many hours of progress. I looked forward to unlocking all the skins, and now they’re just handed to everyone who makes an account. The lag now is not favorable. The object clipping as a prop was one of my favorite ways to hide, and now it’s completely gone, removing an entire element from the gameplay. I managed to clip entirely below the surface for the first time because of this. The game was perfect back in 2018, there really was no reason to change much.
(BTW, does anyone know how that levitating chair glitch works?)


@Ankit, is everything ok with the game? Cause lately (for about past few weeks) many players are having huge lag. It really became impossible to play when for example one second you have 100 hp and suddenly you’re killed without any chance to run away. Yeah there used to be lag before but not that huge. In my opinion something have changed with hostinger’s server where the game is located.



we removed the hosting server and multiplayer part is hosted by https://www.photonengine.com/

please check again and let me know if the problem persist i’ll open the ticket with them.


Thanks for the answer, Ankit. Ok, I will do what you asked, I’ll play the game for some hours to see if the problem still exists (I’ve just played, so lag is still really big). Btw, I’ve just looked at pricing of photonengine, so it shocked me. I’ve honestly always thought that you pay only like 10-30 dollars per month for hosting server. Hope that Google AdSense pays you off… People don’t imagine what a huge favor you’re doing for them.


Hello, @Mockingbird! :wink:


@Ankit, situation with lag is still really bad.

@Leo16 hello.


Im checking


idk what’s happening but i cant load hide online as of today, i also cant view the comments or anything. i wish i could show u some screenshots but my acc is new and im still restricted to upload photos. my wifi is absolutely fine, i can still watch youtube and play other y8 games except for hide online.> help me out bruh


skule!! hey !

its been happening to alot of people too and the only fix my friends and i have found is downloading an adblock, (this usually works). mostly every browser has an addon adblock so maybe u can try that ^^

lmk how it goes, miss you alot btw ;;




Hide online is back today! i didnt have to download any adblock and stuff like that and it came back. some rooms are also coming back like asia having 3 nearly full rooms (not that much but i guess they didnt know that this game might be back)