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Hi guys who wants some youtube videos?


Yes, see my topic my youtube channel


right mine isnt working either


indeed, but i don’t have any problems!


The developer of this game must remove the bomb because it is unfair. All 5 Hunters found me and keep using nuke on me by using the bomb. Well has that ever happened to you before? Bugs and Glitches are not hack but it still needs to be fixed or removed at least so there is no way a hunter or a prop can be gone missing out of the map.






you cant just remove the grenade launcher because of people who are dealing with those little burgers, mouse and any little props. they are hard to shoot. and you know that most kids are playing the game and idk if someone have good aim skills to kill those props with ak or shotgun. PS: i dont have problems with those little props i just use shotgun… not nades.








I would like to point out this kind of glitch in this map. Please remove this. Many players using this kind of glitch nowadays and to be honest…they making the game more boring. Players abusing this glitch just for what? Satisfaction for themselves because opponents can’t kill them.




it’s just a glitch


Yea Ight


Message staff


And you too.


yeah i message the staff members already and there was no response. after waiting for 24 hours, they still did not say anything. if i wait forever and no one reply to me, thats it im getting out of here :sob: i do not care if my account is being suspended or not




just like making the game unfair