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Tengo todos los logros de Dead Paradise 2


so i am guessing the admins left this game to die am i right or not, cause i needed help with the lock mouse system, and well it keeps going out of the screen even tho i locked it in and even restarting everything doesnt fix it…


Hello @krisztiantheboss! What is the problem? :slight_smile:

Glad to see you new! :slight_smile:


¡Yo igual!


just want to ask why are some words Like Hyena, Public, Professionalism, Blind and blueblack are censored? when i type those words, they are censored is it because those words are obscene or bad? i do not have any problems or any issues with the game itself but i just want to really know why. When i type out the word Like this B L I N D it doesn’t get censored. and also, While i was in the game match Y8 keeps Auto Logging me out of my account so it is kind of irritating me.
if i change my nickname to DancingLlama, it automatically Logs me out.


hello @Teo2