Hide Online



Nope, just go to Y8 Contact. I think it will help


this is a Y8 Forum Discussion about Hide Online so try to stick to the topic. i know i’m not the moderator here but as to what they have mention about the Y8 Forum Rules, moderators says that your post here can’t be off topic. i know what you are trying to say but i am just telling you kindly so please don’t hurt me okay?:slightly_smiling_face: i hope you do understand me




hello where are you from?can you chat with me?


i want an America pen pal my qq is2486734646,write to me soon


yeah, i think


hello leone




im back I am Renato
we can reminisce later go to discord and see my messages


ok then


btw what is your hide online name, picture and level


Leo, boy, and level 4




oh lol I thought u was my friend Leone


sorry my friend


that is ok




you know this game is boring now look no one is even talking here




This game is so fun, however I think we should be able to make our own rooms and also make our own levels.