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Hide online


ok thanks


no probs


no problems, but a long timed problem


What is this???




I refused to read this after you said “1 map” there are 3 maps. You obviously played 1 single match and made this.


Yeah, because of these hackings on to them not to y8 forum, but at least insulting by players, but indeed that, you are right! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Simply based on yes, it isn’t that enough when you talk to admins that they got the game on the Y8 Games, but it is enough that you talked to admins, engineers, etc. so if it’s enough, you can click on my L or simply click the L and send me a friend request.

Because of that, it’s true, i obviously do that and said 1 map, but i quoted on him, so eventually that’s not a really long-timed problem.


@Fubblesquad, Do it! I knew you can do better!


Now my note:

Of a single Pandemic, these fast, except the Flu, is much slower, so a coronavirus pandemic overwhelmed about 3000 000 people above confirmed. More people dead are in Italy. Coronavirus started often December 20th, 2019. Just like COVID-19, The Coronavirus Disease 2019 or Coronavirus Disease 19 So praying like this (Often i am saying this i am dead, now) anyways with a zoomed voice, harassly, This has also proven to be fatal, however there are single 3 tyes:
Confirmed, Healthy and Dead. Some examples of it can be symptoms fatal just like:
Cough Fever Tiredness and Difficulty breathing (Severe Cases) and just like this, China started afterwards in Wuhan. They can also lead to Pneumonia. However, animals are not yet identified.

Wuhan after WHO Sends after a single gucking motherboard up there, so there is no reason why there is no vaccine to COVID-19, but to logically wash your hands perfectly. Also, much of WHO, The World Health Organization, sends that we don’t go out without respirators or masks, so that we could know it, but no idea what the guck is going on over here.

Thanks to attention note.


This is the otiment yolk


Puis-je jouer avec des amis



HULLO BRUH HOW ARE U DOIN?[quote=“Force_Playz, post:1670, topic:2710, full:true”]
how to change ur profile pic in forum?


Edit: respirator to respirators


hi i love hide online but how do you change props


by pressing E while aiming at the object


but it does not work for me


try contact the staff, whatever




hi how can you change props because when i press e it does not change