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THEY DON’T EVEN TRY TO HIDE IT ANYMORE! Mclovin on both teams! He doesn’t even bother renaming his spy account.


marshello J4, beware to that guy also. I can’t send you guys the picture because I don’t know how to screenshot using a laptop lol. I’m not a tech-savvy xD. But I played with him multiple times, but this is the one time that I saw him using two accounts. He’s using guest so maybe that’s the reason why he still can play at the same time. Because as far as I know, you can’t use two login accounts at the same time. I just don’t know why that Mclovin you saw can.


but nice one :heart:


How does two people leaving prove anything? Also, I use Gyazo to screen cap.


Or we could make a dedicated post just for showing off these assholes. If the devs can’t do anything we as players sure as hell can avoid them like the plague.


Lmao You’re banning the wrong person? How did I “wall_hack” if I’m not even doing anything? I haven’t even start playing yet but I’m wall_hacking now? really game? Lol


The problem is, fix it or reload it

If didn’t work, then contact the staff.


Well it looks okay for me now, thanks anyway. It’s just weird how the game just randomly ban players


no probs! :slightly_smiling_face::heart:


MTSSfrags is a spy. Every round this player kills a blue chair within 10 seconds or less and then slowly “finds” the rest of the prop players. In one round I was a keyboard in a PC set up on the hotel map, where it should be. When she[was a female skin, the green masked space suit] entered the computer room she only shot the keyboards. Ignoring all the mouses,screens and desks. How obvious can you get?

EDIT: In another round she insta killed me when I was a mouse on top a shelf in storage in hotel map partly hidden by the metal bar closest to the wall and door. Sure, I’ve been caught there before but she was already looking up before entering the room. She knew before hand for sure.

Has the smarts to not blitz the map but clearly dumb enough to not be discreet once she enters your area.


well, it is


yeah, @Ankit!


Here I thought that the small prop noobs and the spying were all the problems this game has. Nope! There are hacked level 100s playing now. It’s only been about 2 weeks sense server wipe and level 100s exist? hell no! You can’t even accurately gauge player experience anymore to know if a room is good for you or not.


How do i delete my post on this forum?


by clicking the trash bin



  1. Click …
  2. Then the trash bin
  3. Then wait [Or you could still close it]
  4. Done!


no problems! @Nemesis2!


[quote=“Ankit, post:1807, topic:2710, full:true”]
Hi, Developer have given us the fixed version, we will check and update in few hours.[/quote]

I can live with the fact that all previous level achievements are gone.
But the developer changed some parameters in the game, so that now most of the “glitch hides” don’t work anymore, such as hiding “inside” tables. When trying it, it won’t work. And when you try to change object again the game crashes with this error message:
"An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
Uncauht RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds"

I tried it several times. Every time the game crashed. :((


Also floating on red chairs doesn’t work any more! The developer killed everything that made the game funny. :frowning:


what is this game name ?