Hide Online



recién me aparece esto


Hi, Developer have given us the fixed version, we will check and update in few hours.


@Ankit is everything ok? Cause the game still doesn’t load :thinking:


I, and everyone else here are sick of you, Ankit, parading a corpse around “it’ll be back at such and such time.” “We have a fix ready” WHERE IS IT?! . Why not just be honest and say the game was canned!?


@Fubblesquad cmon dude, we should be grateful to Ankit. If not him, we wouldn’t even have this game in pc version. Many people had a lot of great moments in this game, they found good friends in here, etc. And if it doesn’t work, it’s not Ankit’s fault. So please, never blame Ankit for giving us an opportunity to play this great game, cause Hide Online is really awesome (the thing I love the most is that it requires a lot of logical thinking).

@Ankit as I understand from now one all levels are deleted and we all are starting from lvl 1, right? If yes, it will be kinda fun to try reaching a high level again :grinning: Btw, everything works fine now :slight_smile:


I don’t know how the game was rebooted but the small prop only strat is even more a plague than it was before what with the enormous lag with the reboot. prop players appear to be teleporting, real objects take eons to register being ran into and clip into and out of walls and personally… I’ve been trapped in the roof of the hotel map repeatedly by real objects.

Also, becoming a red chair to hide under an oval table is now impossible now that props V clipping into real objects is 100% gone. I see why that was patched out, it was being abused so that players would become impervious to all but the almighty grenade simply by matching an object to the pixel so they can’t get hit if found at all.


Honestly? I love how we all back from the beginning, level 1. Because I think the real goal of this game is to reach the maxed level which is level 100. But since many players reached it, I don’t see the point of playing it further. I guess since many of us met a friend, it’s hard to stop. I thought about suggesting like if there’s a chance that developers can restart the level of all players every season, or not, just decrease their level up to 20 levels, so it can be enjoyable. So thank you for doing this.

But the only thing that I don’t like about this new hide is how players can’t now glitch. I’ll admit, I’m one of those players who are using glitch. Like glitching into the desk. You just give people more reason to use smaller props. Because most of the level 100 players are using the glitch in the desk to hide. Players can push the desk so they will know if a player is glitching in it. There are many ways to spot a props who are in glitch.

Anyway, it still a great game. But I hope to consider some of our feedback to the game.
P.S. Since glitching into the objects are now gone, would you like to remove the #3 gun? Lol.


I can understand your frustation but im not a developer nor we have sources of the game to make any changes, im trying my best whatever I can to keep the game alive but again if anyone like it or not I dont have any magic solution and I have already said many times here that developer dont want to work on it anymore becuase the game dont make him enough money.

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

sorry im not a technial person but if I understand it right your progress was saved on y8 servers and it shouldnt be effected but inapp purcahse was saved on one external server which was not managed by our devops because it was on windows machine and they know Linux only and that machine was crashing too often. Now we remove it to make our life little eaiser and now the multiplayer is based on popular photon engine https://www.photonengine.com/pun and I believe game should be more stable now because we removed the culprit machine.


Thanks for the report, I’ll ask our QA team to check it.

maybe because we removed the culprit machine lol or maybe developer fix it in mobile version and on web also with this update :slight_smile:


The only time I used that prop phase glitch is when I would be a red chair blending into a table. Not even cheating as you can still be hit and are 100% visible. One of my favorite spots actually. and now It’s gone.


I mean technically it’s not a cheat because props will be exposed if the object that they glitching in is moved. But can you hack in this game?


Are we going to get the game back to normal? I played for a year to get to level 100 and now I’m down to level 1 again???
I’m not going through all of that again, especially not with so many players doubling in the room to cheat with one prop account and one hunter account so they can see where all of the props are.


it liked me too much


You can just level up your account again, its not that hard since you already reached the max level. But yes, I wish the developers can do something about the players who are using two accounts at the same time. It’s pretty much annoying. If you happen to encounter players using that, just change place everytime.


Ya, this dubbed “spy” tactic is ruining the game. How else are hunters walking into the correct rooms instantly and knowing exactly where the prop players are right off the bat every single round? Some of these asshats don’t even try to hide it, Walking into the room nade in hand and nukes the correct spot the moment he/she walks in. The only way to combat this is to be a high health prop running around a place with a lot of things to shoot at and hope the cheater kills him/herself.

Or you could just not kill the spy prop till the end of the round but that only works if the whole lobby knows what spying is as someone will inevitably shoot the blue chair that never moves.


So, I played today, and I happen to encounter a player who is using three accounts at the same time. It 's not a problem for me because he 's not that good, but it 's pretty much annoying how he/she changes character whenever his/her characters died. How he/she walked into the room you 're currently in and nade your spot without even checking it. Playing someone with two accounts is bearable but 3? It 's already insane. I hope they can add features in the game about detecting the players who are using more than one accounts. They are ruining the game for everybody.
BTW I hope we can somehow mute players. Because some players are spamming in-game chat or saying bad and sexual words.


I’m about to stop playing all together. Every lobby I go to is eventually ruined by a multi-accounter. No matter what I am and where I am the same person walks in my room and instantly starts blasting me without even checking the room, but somehow finds me with 100% accuracy. I check the kill feed and wouldn’t ya know it… the same guys gets all the kills while the chat becomes all the more toxic by the minute because everyone is getting mad that a spy has ruined the game. Again, I’m about to just walk away forever.


@Ankit On top of what Pablo says how about a steeper points curve for prop sizes? Everyone and there dog only uses the smallest of props and most of these same players don’t even try to hide at all, opting to simply jump around the map like school kids at recess! Ether this or allowing nades to be shot twice. Anything to get players to play the game as it was built to be played.

To clarify, it’s not annoying to use small props outright. Using them to escape pursuit and then rehiding after breaking line of sight isn’t going to spark any ire. It’s when the whole lobby turns into burger madness that makes chats turn sower.


I prefer them also being banned. But of course, they should receive some warning first before totally banning them. Also, It’s not a good idea to allow nades to be shot twice. Nades are much annoying than players using small props all the time. There are already 5 hunters, if they still allow nades to be shot twice, then the props team is so disadvantaged at that round. Imagine a round where hunters only use nades because they can shoot it twice? It’s not that hard to kill small props because they are being used by the ones who are not that good in-game. Especially at this point, better players prefer using big objects as their props.
I have been playing this game ever since this was released, and I can say playing this game becoming dull at this point. So I hope developers can do something about this. I don’t want this game to become uninteresting to play to others.


The worst part is that the majority of players use the small prop blitz tactic no matter how many times it fails. They never grow as players, rather they blame the aimbots that don’t exist in the game or lag.