Hide Online



BULL it won’t let me PLAY!!!1111


What does a taco do in bed?

Tacostado jajajaaj ok no


I have asked the developer but no reply yet, going to ping again. sorry but cant do much without developer support.




force come to discord right now or we end our friendship I already have fungi and taco mikuchan they my new best friends
and mjv hunters , storm


LucasRenatoSmith(LRS)#8202 thats my discord name


Hi! i’m sorry for my bad english (i’m portuguese btw)
When i open the game it says:
An error occurred with the game server
Code: Unknown Error
It happened 3 times
I really don’t know if i’m doing something wrong or not
Can you help me?


This time, I get error again with error code Unknown_error. So irritating if this keeps happening.


When are you going to fix THE INTERNAL ERROR? !!


@Ankit so uh when do you think this internal error is going to be fixed?


An error occured with the game server
Code: Unknown Error


Hi, I have a dicussion with the developer and he said database crashed of the game and we decided to remove it so the game wont face such issues in the future but it means there wont be any inapp.

hopefully it will be fixed by today or tomorrow.


-Won’t be any inapp.
What does that mean?


HElp me :frowning:


hello Renato


it means no needs to use real money in the game.


A game that had real money in it that no longer does sounds harmless… but now I’m scared that hide online will simply shutdown. ):


Actualización? si llevais desde 2016 sin actualizarlo, ya no saben ni que escusas poner y muchas gracias por eliminar mis mensajes en el chat de debajo del juego, ahora solo comentan los bots retrasados, y la tabla de lideres en una puta vergüenza, todos son robot y no hay un puto humano, es un juego para retrasados que no se dan cuenta de eso y a partir de las 10 de la noche meten bots que saben donde estas desde el segundo 1, dan un bazokazo a la pared y me atraviesa el daño, balas con efecto , en definitiva si quitais a los robots retrasados y a los bots chetados de las 10 de la noche este juego iría bastante mejor


There may not be any future update but we will keep it as it is, so dont worry it wont shut down


people will want a new map eventually, and for glitch spots to be fixed like the counter corner in the restaurant map not having any collision detection allowing people to be a small prop in there to be invisible.
and maybe a better reason to be a bigger prop, most matches devolve into “who can shoot the burger first?”
maybe instead of 1,2 and 3 point for prop sizes maybe 1,3,5? ah but you said updates are done. D:

and sense I’m here how did you put my post into yours? [if I accidentally just did it myself… lol]
EDIT: nope, didn’t do it.