Hide Online



several days in a row, although I told the developer but nothing could be changed.


pls , help me !!!


Game still with the Error. Well, I think is time to change the game. I am doing a “Hide Online Clone”, with more items and maps. In a few weeks I will share the link. The Y8’s developers are shameful.


Oh Man Hide online accs :frowning: wish u can help hide online developer



1 year has passed since i reported a game problem wiht another account (wich i lost ) youd think they would have fixed it right ? NOPE THEY CARED A SHIT ITS STILL HERE AND I CANT PLAY


I know right I can’t play either. :sob:


is this like that vr game joshdub plays


hey , im not hack , I just borrowed another nick to play and checked for them !!!


Hey Ankit, I’m not a hacker.


I hate to face this, the fact that I borrowed my friend’s nick and then I was told the hack by the system ???
I’m trying to play the game now but it’s all hopeless, it’s annoying that I’m not a hack just because I borrowed my friend’s account but now I can’t play my favorite game, I’m extreme I love hide online games, hope you let me get back to online hide games soon


Hello :smile:


sick an tierd of the report error


:fire:you should add more guns to start out with but in the middle of being a hunter only have 4 gun selections of the guns



all you have to do is refresh your tab and it should work. If not i dont know what to tell you:wink::wink:


Ustedes deberian descargar la app de Hide Online




Hello :wink:


The error code is internal_error. What does this mean? Right now I can’t play this game.


Once again registered players can’t play the game. As Alan mentioned, it is written that it’s internal_error.