Hide Online



several days in a row, although I told the developer but nothing could be changed.


pls , help me !!!


Game still with the Error. Well, I think is time to change the game. I am doing a “Hide Online Clone”, with more items and maps. In a few weeks I will share the link. The Y8’s developers are shameful.


Oh Man Hide online accs :frowning: wish u can help hide online developer



1 year has passed since i reported a game problem wiht another account (wich i lost ) youd think they would have fixed it right ? NOPE THEY CARED A SHIT ITS STILL HERE AND I CANT PLAY


I cant play hide online, because the error cause me cannot play , im really hate this error,and the noob published of this game, im a old fans,but this fuckers gay plays that Ankit is a fuck team leader of replied.Hated…im pls the noob developers ,shut your game and selling to another development …bull shit Ankit Ltd…the developers only cares about MONEY,not ours little bullshits gamers,this company y8 and webgl please be SHITss,and im really angry about that…


yeah they dont cares about the matters


you litthe bullshits leader go shits pool


I know right I can’t play either. :sob:


is this like that vr game joshdub plays