Hide Online



yeah make more rooms


I agree


i said that to the person just now i sended him a message


A level editor would make the community much bigger, and you could play around on many cool community-made levels, ranging from a alien spaceship to a skyscraper.


they should do a house a garden a playgrounf a shopping center


that happens to me dont do on it for a while


i solve it now thanks!


no probs!


which what ever sensitivity i use, it Looks impossible for me to kill an moving mouse that is jumping around the map and at that time, i was not Lagging. i use nuke since it looks really hard to aim. we do need a bigger map because, props always lose.




@Teo2 we can’t do anything insane here, please.


Hola Ankit :blush:


OOPS! An error with the game server. Code: Backend-‘Protection’: Sy…


Poster a los errores de los juegos son las cargas! (Creo que poster es moderador o administrador


Aqui les mandare una foto de que Hide online no me carga image


de acuerdo, te espero








you quash jugar