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how to change ur profile pic in forum?


can u send me screen shot evan how to change it


oh yes i got it how to chnage now thnx i dont need ur help evan


When I change my screen name or icon before joining a room it logs me out. I log back in, and it’s back to the old name and icon. How can I change my name and icon without getting logged out?


how to change name in forum?


I don’t think you can




tell me which name d you want ? i’ll change.


hmm before i wanted to change name in forum from FORCE_THE_FOODIE TO [^u^]~>FORCE now i want to change name in a game name warerise lite version my name is guest102 while m registered -_-


so guest102 final ?


noo i want it to be my clan name should be same but the side name should be FoRcE not guest102 :sob:


hmm FoRcE is not unique, someone already registered it.


then add playz after force


what about F0rC3_PL/\ZE


hmm can u rlly do it? if yes then my answer is :+1:


I think the mods or admins can only do it





not accepting


in which game? u changed


forum, I cant change in games.