Hide Online



oh ok


Dusted04 friend me


@Ankit - I’ve noticed there’s not much of a social media presence for this game, but it’s been steady for a while, there’s usually at least one game in the works whenever I log in. I’ve got a little bit of marketing experience, but nothing real-world. I’m not necessarily looking for money, but rather to begin building a portfolio of marketing experience for future endeavors. May we discuss that in an e-mail?


Actually just noticed after clicking on your name that I can message you.


That looked like I was typing here again, so I’ll just wait for you response. Lol.


es muy bueno el juego , pero hoy me acaba de decir un error de que hecho trampa, y ni siquiera había entrado a un servidor me decia: ‘‘ha sido desconectado por hacer trampa, quite las trampas y vuelva a iniciar el juego’’, no e hecho ninguna trampa , por lo que yo veo , pero ese error me aparece, no se si alguien me podria ayudar


how you chose that man i am a girl and my character is of a boy
…plz help


its a glitch so idk how it just occur once xD :rofl:


thanks for replying but ive fixed it


np and :ok:


Hey! I have been facing this problem where a menu says that i am cheating,but i am not really cheating. I hate this as i came to play the game after so much time and now i can’t even play. i also don’t remember downloading any cheats or using a cheat for hide online. Please fix this.


Hi multiple games on y8 are not working they dont load when you click on them and all they show is how to play. If you guys can fix it that would be great I have a session scheduled with the demon clan on hide so if you can fix it in time that would amazing. Thank you.




I also got the code: wall_hack even though I am not cheating. Please fix this because I have been playing since 2016 and have never cheated/got this message. Thanks.


well that’s great hahaha


Ankit Somebody steal my account.


so how did he know ur password ?


i can not access the game :khóc:


Hello, Ankit. I have the same problem. The message sounds like that: “OOPS! An error occurred with the game server. Code: Unknown Error.”