Hide Online



hiii force_the_foodie


:kissing_closed_eyes: hi marlenequereigua70


is their that props can use weapons to kill hunters




is their away to props to use weapons?


GAME GOOD :smiley: :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


:mueca:holi a todos







i cant play hide pls fix




yeah i cant play force


what to do lol i try for weeks


LOL toilet in hunter head who is the toilet?


toilet its online he is lvl 78 btw me too m also unable to play hide but good i have other games to play like freefall but u have to wait for hide evan so sad :rofl:


lol if i play freefall again i suck at it and you maybe get bored of me XD i’m going away for 2 days but i will be back on sunday don’t worry maybe hide will able to play in sunday


can’t play hide for 1 week , that’s why u don’t see me this week to play



hide online works fine here.
did you try this: delete browser cache and cookies?
can you play when NOT being logged in?