Hide Online




Hi, it might be resolved in Monday since it’s weekend now.:pensive:


i cant open the game


i have a problem my game doesnt open


i need help for an unknow error
now becuse i can not play





i cant play the game
i was check my connection
my connection is good
i was load many time
but still cant play


same btw [^u^]~>FORCE


ayayay sameee


To all the players who can’t play because they get THIS ERROR SCREEN when loading the game:
Many (but not all) players, who are registered at Y8, have this issue at the moment. Until it is solved you can still play Hide Online if you DO NOT LOGIN TO YOUR Y8 ACCOUNT.

Try this:
Either open the game in a new PRIVATE browser window (so that all previous logins are ignored).
Or open a normal browser window, go to the Y8 website and LOGOUT from your Y8 account. You can also delete your browser cache and Y8 login cookies.
In both cases make sure that your browser does not auto-login to your Y8 account, when you open the game url!
Now when you open the game url, the game should work! But you can only play as an unregistered player (until the problem is solved). If you try to login to your Y8 account while playing, the game should crash instantly.






what did you do to take that off your screen because that is the same thing that i had for two days and more and i tried everything but it is still there can you plz help


@Clout1 I mean in here


my problem is when i go on the game when im in lobby it says error and it also says report error i click on it i then go back on the game but it keeps popping up so i cant play


YOU ARE A FREAKING LIFESAVER! ONLY 1 more thing, lol there arent any players playing?

when do u beleive this problem will be solved ?


@Clout1: Then you should try another game server - in the options (US, EU, Asia). You’re right, there are by far not as many players as usual. But there are still SOME other players. :slight_smile:
I think not so many of the registered players tried to load the game without being logged in, or before making sure that the browser will NOT log them in automatically.


Hide online…is not working anymore xxD