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an error occured with the game server. code:unknown error. Pls fix it sh*t.
I can no longer play this game


An error occurred with the game sever.
Code: Unknown Error
Please Help me this


please give us some more time our developers are trying to fix it.


it’s steel giving me the error mensage.
can you fix it plz




An error occurred with the game server
Code:Unknown Error


Hi Guys,

It should be fixed now. Just restart browser and you are good to play.

Let us know if you still experience some issues.


me to it wont let me play


Same my friend


yeah the game also doesn’t work for me. it just crashes and it redirects me to the forum


Unfortunatelly it still doesn’t work for me, too.

Several times I deleted browser cache and tried, but still get the same error (in Chrome as well as in Firefox). I still can play when NOT logged in to my Y8 account. But every time I log in, the game instantly crashes. :disappointed:




good afternoon


From developer: we have found the issue and needs sometime to fix

as a temporary workaround - it’s possible to play while logged out
and second option to disable http/2




mi navegador por alguna manera esos juagos me sale un icono raro, pero ahora no tengo la captura para comprobarlo.


game should work now, please check


I think the issue is fixed. I can log in and play (game doesn’t crash anymore).
Many thanks to @Ankit, the developers and the team! :smiley:




help me i cant use my lvl 55 account the game brings me to lvl 4 ;-; pls help me i become poor in lvl 4