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Hi, there was issue on our side and game should work normally now.

Thanks for the reports and patience! :blush:[/quote]

I tested with Google Chrome, deleted browser cache, login data etc. and tried again. Unfortunately the problem still exists:

  1. When I’m NOT logged in and load the game, it works well. But when I try to log in while playing, the game crashes instantly (game server, “Unknown Error”).
  2. I go to y8.com and log into my Y8 account. Then go to the game site (https://de.y8.com/games/hide_online). This time the game loads until 90% and crashes (same error message).

I think there’s still a problem between the game server and the login server of Y8. But not every user seems to have this problem, because when I play the game as guest I see other players who seem to be logged in.


I can’t load the game. Just want to let you know.


The game was not working for me yesterday or today. Code:Unknown Error


I cant play hide online it always shows that a error occured WHAT to do to fix it


SAME of mine also like that -_-


Yeah getting the same error here , checked


lol why do u say about glitch i like it i m Glitch master:rofl:


yo evannnny its me;-;


fury its still not working hide online…;-;


Nox are u the develpoer of hide online


btw one more thing the yesterday grey screen of hide online has gone now its showing an error


same thing has come on me


im going to ask game developer to have a look.

thanks guys for your reports and patience


jó nagyon




no se por que hace ya varios días no me deja entrar será porque hay una actualización o algo alguien me puede ayudar???


i couldnt play


The game loads now, but my screen is black.