Hide Online



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my screen is black. why is it black? can someone help me plz!


Got the same issue here, just checked


Thx but i already have a bf @12124323dfdfgdfg


thanks for the report.


hi im evan in hide i cant play and i hate kalninja


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thats it i got the same thing


please check game should work now.




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I Can Play


After the problem from yesterday (grey screen) is fixed, it still doesn’t work: now game is loading until 90%, then there’s an error:

Tried different browsers and deleted browser cache, but doesn’t work.
Doesn’t work, when logged in at Y8 account.


This is quite strange:
I can play when NOT logged in at my Y8 account. In the game I see other players who are logged in and it seems to work for them. But when I log into my account (while playing), the game INSTANTLY stops and throws out this: “OOPS! Am error occured with the game server. Code: Unknown Error”


Hi, there was issue on our side and game should work normally now.

Thanks for the reports and patience! :blush:


The game is still don’t working when we log in our accounts, as a guest the game is perfectly fine, at least the grey screen from yesterday stoped…