Hero Balance


hehe, not anymore


Thank goodness you changed that.


Let’s make a list of things everyone agrees on. So far this is what I got. Let me know if I need to change or add anything.

  • Tank needs a big nerf. Especially, Tank Bubble ability needs a nerf

  • Blaster needs some sort of nerf.

  • Shocker stun duration needs some sort of nerf.

  • Assassin panic bomb glitch on blazer needs to be fixed

  • Blazer Bomb needs to change.

  • Bomber weapon swap time needs to be shorter.

  • “Support spam” (a Shocker and a Tech teaming up and camping on the capture point, instantly healing their allies) needs to be nerfed or discouraged in some way


Yeah, our new dev is very nice. Don’t forget about genard Ankit.


I know everyone has agreed on all of those, but hadn’t seen the last one literally anywhere. Where did you find it?


The bomber thing? People brought it up a lot in the old forums balance thread. Bomber weapon swap time is ridiculously long compared to other classes.


Oh, I thought you were just rehashing this thread.


Yea maybe I should ignore the old thread. I’ll keep the Bomber thing unless someone disagrees though, I think it’s been talked about quite a bit


Also, I would put the word big before Blaster’s nerf.


Maybe “moderately big”? To emphasize that Tank needs an even bigger nerf.

I prefer not using the word “big” unless everyone really really agrees on it.


Blaster needs a bigger nerf than Tank tbh.


Ok, so that’s the issue - it’s something not everyone agrees on :stuck_out_tongue: (for example me and I believe SS would say that it needs a smaller nerf than Tank)


I mostly agree with those points but I’d prefer an additional point to avoid support spam


They also need to either nerf or remove Mega Damage. It makes average classes insanely OP.




Actually mega is fine, it shouldn’t double the stun effects, poison damage, all the debuffs in general


Idk, but give Assassin or Gunner or Scout MD and they become really OP.


Because they have high dps regardless


Yeah md on assassin is pretty OP but for the others i dont think its too bad really. It makes all heros pretty OP so it kind of evens out.


But the whole idea of making one hero OP over the other players is what’s wrong with it imo. There’s only one MD per map, so the person that camps out and waits for it has a serious advantage over everyone else. Isn’t that what balance is about? Making all classes pretty even but different from each other?